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What's inside the MAPEH Grade 7 periodical exam VERSION 2.0?


NAME: __________________________ GR.& SEC.________  SCORE:_M__A__PE__H__

DIRECTIONS: Read each item carefully and write the letter of the correct answer on the blank  provided before each item. Write the letter corresponding to your chosen answer in CAPITAL LETTER. 


____ 1. The following are the provinces which influenced the style of music in Cordillera, EXCEPT.

  1. Apayao B. Batac C. Ifugao D. Kalinga

____ 2. It is a stringed ensemble originate in Spain?

  1. Rondalla B. gongs C. Gangsa D. tongatong

____ 3.Who is known as the father of Rondalla?

  1. Juan Silos Jr. C. Juan Silos

  2. Juan Carlos Jr. D. Juan Carlos

____ 4. What do you called that instrument in the rondalla that plays the bass part or the musical piece?

  1. Bajo de arco B. banduria C. laud D. octavina

____ 5. Hudhud is an epic poetry which is recited and chanted only during four occasions in___.

  1. Cordillera B. Mindoro C. Palawan D. Visayas

____ 6. Ambahan is a rhythmic poetic expression composed of ____ syllable lines.

  1. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8

____ 7. What instrument used to accompany “Kulial” a lyrical poem which expresses passionate love?

  1. Banduria B. Kudyapi C. Gitgit D. Tongatong

____ 8. Which one is the vocal music of Kalinga used as lullaby?

  1. Badiw B. Dagdagay C. Kawayanna D. Owiwi

9-10 Used this to answer 5 and 6.

____ 9. What is the function of this poem?

  1. Devotion B. Love C. Work D. Worship

____ 10. What is the message of the poem?

  1. Praise and worship

  2. Show affection and devotion

  3. Resentment and admiration

  4. Forgiveness and acceptance

____ 11. The gong that is struck by the palm while resting on lap is called___.

  1. Binanog B. Gangsa Palook C. Gangsa Toppaya D. Rondalla

____ 12. Which of the following is an idiophone?

  1. Kalutang B. Kudyapi C. Suling D. Tongali

____ 13. Why does the music of Mangyans in Mindoro face great challenge?

A. Lack of practice

B. Absence of oral chanters

C. Threat of industrialization

D. Influx of the other tribes’ group

____ 14. How do Visayan vocal music functions?

A. Works C. Worship

B. Rituals D. Environment 

___ 15. How Iraya Mangyan utilized the ritualistic power song “marayaw”?

            A. Casting bad spirits C. Techniques of cursing someone 

           B. Creating other dimension of life D. Healing sick through magical spell


____ 1. Our ancestors are traditionally good weavers. When the Spaniards came, they introduced another type of weaving which is still being practiced by our textile industries. What is it?

  1. Nito Weaving C. Sinamon Weaving

  2. Pina Weaving D. Hablon Weaving

____ 2. It is the uniform repetition of any of the elements of art.

  1. Contrast B. Emphasis C. Pattern D. Movement

____ 3. It is a principle of arts that gives sense to the painting which “feels stable and feels right”.

  1. Balance B. Contrast C. Emphasis D. Pattern

____ 4. What is the art element being emphasize in the Tingkop of Palawan?

  1. Lines B. Color C. Patterns D. Space

____ 5. Which is the colorful and linear designs which used as a wrapped around piece of cloth being as skirts for women?

  1. Habi B. Kimono C. Patadyong D. Sinamay

____ 6. This fine fiber requires a long laborious extraction process from leaves to be made into fine textile. The processing of this fiber has been a tradition in Aklan.

  1. Bariw B. Husi C. Pina D. Romblon

____ 7. Miag-ao church in IloIlo depicts which European style of Achitecture?

  1. Baroque B. Gothic C. Neoclassical D. Renaissance

____ 8. It was once recognized as the “Weaving Capital in the Philippines”

  1. Cebu B. Bicol C. Panay Island D. Zamboanga

____ 9. This festival in Leyte features street dancers that are painted from head to toe with beautiful designs and incredible styles. The dancers resemble the tattooed warriors of ancient times in the Philippines.

  1. Ati-atihan B. Maskara C. Pintados D. Sinulog

____ 10. Which pictures depicts the arts and design in Iraya basket in Mindoro?

  1.                               B.                                       C.                           D. 

____ 11. What is the element of design being featured in this art and craft? 

  1. Color and geometric design C. Shapes & Forms

  2. Patterns & designs D. Texture & Space

____ 12. Why Manunggul jar is considered as one of the precious artefacts’ in Philippines pre-colonial era? 

A. Ancient writing system

B. Product of ancient times

C. Secondary burial of a deceased

D. Used in preservation and wine making

____ 13. Why patadyong weaving is an important industry in Iloilo?

A. Used for fashion C. Product of hand weaving

B. Colorful and linear design D. Wrap around piece

____ 14. What is the function of NAGLALARA in Samar Leyte?

A. Dye maker B. Fabric embroider C. Mat weaver D. Textile designer 

____ 15. Why do Sinulog differ from Ati-atihan Festival in Aklan?

A. Cultural background of each festival

B. Same iconic presentation of Sto. Niรฑo

C. Using costumes of Hispanic periods and paints

D. Focuses not on ritual itself but on the historical aspects of the dance


____ 1. The following are the ways in which badminton can be played except ____.

  1. Doubles B. singles C. mixed doubles D. squads

____ 2. The game is governed by the _____.

  1. Badminton World Federation

  2. Badminton International Association

  3. Badminton World Organization

  4. Badminton League Organization

____ 3. It is the original name of badminton.

  1. Battledore B. Paddle C. Poona D. Shuttlecock

____ 4. Table tennis is became an Olympic sports in __, with singles and doubles competition for men and women.

  1. 1980 B.1976 C. 1974 D. 1988

____ 5. When the British army was introduced Poona in England?

  1. 1860 B. 1870 C. 1880 D. 1890

____ 6. What is the height of the post used in badminton?

  1. 1.50 B. 1.55 C. 1.60 D. 1.65

____ 7.What is the other name of shuttlecock?

  1. Bird B. Board C. Feathers D. Fly

____ 8. This is a part of the racket which is intended to be gripped by the player?

  1. Area B. Handle C. Head D. Shaft

____ 9. Which is the exact measure of the playing court for singles?

  1. 13.4 x 4.2 C. 13.4 x 6.0

  2. 13.4 x 5.2 D. 13.4 x 6.1 

____ 10. It is made of a fine cord of dark color.

  1. Net B. Post C. Racket D. Shuttlecock

____ 11. The stroke used to put the shuttlecock into play and start of a rally.

  1. Fault B. Let C. Match D. Serve

____ 12. What do you call the violation of the rules, either in serving or during play?

A. Fault B. Let C. Match D. Serve

____ 13. What is the total point to declare a winner?

  1. 18 B. 20 C. 21 D. 25

____ 14. Which of the following terms is used in badminton to a good serve that the opponent was not able to hit?

  1. Ace B. Bird C. Match D. Setting

____ 15. What do you call the shot with the stroke below the head about waist-level and the shuttle traveling up?

  1. Clear B. Drop C. Lob D. Service


____ 1. To how many servings daily of food from the meat, poultry, dry beans, eggs and group that s needed by an adolescent?

  1. 1 to 2 servings C. 3 servings

  2. B. 2 to 3 servings D. 3 to 5 servings

____ 2. This type of malnutrition results from not getting enough protein, calories or micronutrients.

  1. Malnutrition C. Over nutrition

  2. Micronutrient Deficiency D. Under nutrition

____ 3. What micronutrient deficiency leads to the enlargement of the thyroid known as Goiter and hypothyroidism?

  1. Iodine B. Iron C. Vit. A D. Vit. B

____ 4. How many grams of daily protein do girls need?

A.61 B. 62 C. 63 D. 64

____ 5. What is the number of egg must be consume in daily basis?

  1. 1 B. 2 C.3 D. 4

____ 6. What is needed for the fast absorption of Iron in the body?

  1. Vit. A B. Vit. C C. Vit. D D. Vit. E

____ 7. Why do adolescents need more energy and nutrients?

  1. Need to achieve full growth potential

  2. Engage in more active physical activities

  3. Bodies are preparing for pubertal changes

  4. Bodies are undergoing several physical changes

____ 8. This is an eating disorder wherein one eats too little food resulting to excessive weight loss.

  1. Anorexia B. Bulimia C. Binge D. Diet

____ 9. It refer to a person urge to eat a large amount of food then try to eliminate the food through vomiting.

  1. Anorexia B. Bulimia C. Binge D. Diet

____ 10. What micronutrients deficiency is prevented by regular consumption of foods such as orange and yellow fruits and dark and green leafy vegetables?

  1. Vit. A deficiency C. Iron Deficiency

  2. Vit. C deficiency D. Iodine deficiency

____ 11. Which of the following will result when you skip breakfast?

  1. Damage of liver C. Poor Performance

  2. Hypoglycemia D. Unhealthful weight loss

____ 12. What agency is doing its share by featuring healthful and nutritious recipes for Filipino families to enjoy?

  1. Department of Health (DOH)

  2. Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI)

  3. Department of Science and Technology (DOST)

  4. Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)

____ 13. What do you call in the condition wherein a person is not getting enough of the right food?

  1. Over Nutrition C. Micronutrients Deficiency

  2. Malnutrition D. Under Nutrition

____ 14. What kind of food will you eat to avoid Vitamin A deficiency?

  1. Animal products

  2. Bread and other carbohydrates

  3. Dark and green leafy vegetable

  4. Orange and Yellow fruits and vegetables

____ 15. What is the possible results from absorbing vitamins from food?

  1. Vitamin deficiency

  2. It helps organs to malfunctions

  3. Support growth and development

  4. Increase the possibility of having a disease



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