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What's inside the MAPEH Grade 8 periodical exam version 2.0?

DIRECTIONS: Read each item carefully and write the letter of the correct answer on the blank  provided before each item. Write the letter corresponding to your chosen answer in CAPITAL LETTER.


______1. Which of the following is the Japanese hourglass-shape drum?

        A. tsuridaiko           B. odaiko         C. taiko            D. tsuzumi

______2. What melody is used in the folk song Mo Li Hua? 

A. Melodic   B. Pentatonic C. Diatonic   D. Harmonic

______3. What does the song “Sakura” means?

        A. cherry blossoms      B. jasmine flower           C. roses D. wild orchids        

______4. What is the most widely used drum in the traditional music of Korea?

        A. changgo                  B. odaiko          C. taiko                   D. odaiko

______5. Which of the following is a song referring to a jasmine flower?

        A. Arirang         B. Sakura          C. Chan Mali Chan           D. Mo Li Hua

______6. Why it is that Japanese music is meditative in character?

        A. because the music and the performers are highly ritualized

        B. because the rhythm represents natural sounds of life

        C. because the music is so simple

        D. because the pace is very slow


______7. How Chinese music is traditionally sung?

          A. alto               B. falsetto            C. soprano             D. tenor

______8. How is Chinese music described?

A. It is gentle and lyrical C. It is meditative and highly ritualized

B. It is slow in tempo and is very peaceful D. It is slow and melancholy

______9. Which of the following is one of the China’s instrument that literally means “cloud gong”?

          A. Haegum           B. Yunlou             C. Koto             D. Shamisen

______10. It is the most famous flute made form bamboo. It has four or five finger holes on the front 

face and a thumbhole on the rear face. 

            A. Pengling     B. Yueqin   C. Shakuhachi D. Changgo

______11.It is a four-stringed lute with 30 frets and a pear-shaped body. 

A. Haegum B. Pipa C. Kayagum D. Changgo

______12. Why is it that the Odaiko is used in all Japanese matsuri?

          A. because it can produce a very loud and beautiful sound

          B. because it has a sheer and energetic sound

          C. because it is big and colorful

          D. because it is easy to play

______13. Which of the following is true about Korean music?

          A. Korean music has a slow tempo giving it a very peaceful character

          B. Korean music has energetic and brilliant rhythm

          C. Korean music is usually solo rather than choral

          D. Korean sung when they are very happy


______14. How is the “Arirang” song classified?

          A. song for spring      B. parting/farewell song      C. love song      D. welcome song

______15. Which Korean music category is traditionally associated with the lower-class?

          A. A- ak                     B. Sog- ak             C. Tang- ak        D. Chong- ak


______1. What do you call the art of beautiful handwriting?

          A. calligraphy           C. landscape painting

          B. printing D. woodblock painting

 ______2. What is the best known and most popular Japanese art?

          A. face painting C. mask painting 

          B. calligraphy D. ukiyo-e

______3. Which of the following Chinese Peking Opera face  that originally called false mask?

          A. Cao Cao C. Guan Ju

          B. Jingju Lianpu D. Zhu wen

 ______4.  It is also known as Kesho, a Japanese face painting. 

a) Kumadori make-up c) Mukimi make-up 

b) Kabuki make-up d) Jiang Gan 

______5. What inference can you make if the face painting of an actor in Japan painted dark blue?

           A. Calm C. Youth

           B. Depression and sadness D. Passion or anger

______6. What do you call the traditional Japanese art of paper folding?

          A. Calligraphy C. Origami

          B. Geometric folding D. Sycee

______7. It is often called Korean work, a decorative Korean Knotwork. 

A. Yuanbao B. Sycee   C. Maedeup D.  Origami


______8. Which of the following colors usually used in Chinese face painting for the gods

        and spirits?

                A. Gold and Silver     C. Bronze and Silver

          B. Silver and White           D. Gold and Bronze


______9. Who invented paper? 

A. Tang B. Song C. Cai Lun D. Johannes De 


______10. It is a Chinese decorative handicraft art that began as a form of Chinese folk art in the Tang and Song Dynasty. 

A. Zhongguo B. Dorae C Hanamusubi D. Jianshi 

______11. How will you describe the Japanese painting?

  1. The theme of the painting shows scenes from everyday life.

  2. The painting focuses on the details in the scenes.

  3. The painting shows crowded place.

  4. The painting narrates only figures.

______12.  What is the relationship between the half red mask and the half white mask in Korea?

          A. it symbolizes the idea that the wearer has two fathers, Mr. Red and Mr. White.

          B. it’s bright and vibrant colors help establish the age and race of the figure.

          C. it indicates that character was born of an adulterous mother.

          D. it indicates the positive and negative characters.

______13. Why do East Asian temples have sweeping roof?

          A. because the curves that rise at the corners usually reserved for temples and palaces

          B. because it is more economical for common Chinese architecture 

                     C. because their roofs are used for residences of wealthy Chinese

          D. because they believed that it helped ward off evil spirit.


______14. What did you observe about Japan’s painting?

                A. it shows narrative scenes crowded with figures and details

          B. paintings subjects are bamboo or portraits

          C. it focuses in human figures and animals

          D. it is more on landscape painting

______15.  Why do China and Japan doing the face painting?

          A. to conserve their traditions and culture

          B. to be used in different theatrical forms

          C. to express their thoughts and ideas

          D. to show their artistry


______1. Who invented the volleyball game?

A. James A. Naismith   C. Major Walter Wingfield   

B. Johan Cruyffs  D. William G. Morgan

______2. Which of the following skills is done to put the ball in play?

 A. serve           B. spike                C. pass            D. block

______3. Which of the following is the easiest form of service?

 A. ace           B. overhead serve      C. spike         D. underhand serve

 ______4. What type of passing is used in emergency situation? 

A. tossing        B. two-arm pass        C. one-arm pass         D. bump pass

______5. It is an offensive skill wherein the ball is hard driven to kill it before the court of the  opponent. 

A. blocking       B. spiking             C. overhead pass         D. service

______6. What is the dimension of the volleyball court? 

A. 19m x 6m      B. 16m x 9m         C. 18m x 9m           D. 19m x 9m

______7. It refers to the kind or specific activity to be done to improve a targeted fitness components.  

A. Intensity         B. Frequency        C. Time          D. Type

_______8. It refers to the length or duration of the physical activity. 

A. Type               B. Intensity           C. Frequency          D. Time

_______9. It refers to the way you should gradually increase the workload for improvement to continue. 

A. Overload       B. Progression       C. Intensity          D. Frequency

_______10. Exercise has been shown to improve mood and mental health and provides

Numerous health benefits.

 A. True             B. Somewhat True      C. False      D. Somewhat False

_______11. Research suggests that people who are more active tend to be healthier and tend to live  longer. What benefits of physical fitness is being described in the statement? 

    A. Increase life expectancy C. Stay active 

B. Improve quality of life D. Reduce risk of injury

_______12. Which of the following statements is false? 

A. Begin by warming up and end by cooling down. 

B. Wear loose-fitting clothing during exercise. 

C. Drink plenty of fluids especially water. 

D. If you move about during exercise try to land on balls of your feet to prevent injury.

_______13. Stronger muscles and better balance mean that you’re less likely to slip and fall and stronger bones mean that you’re less likely to suffer bone injuries. Which of the following benefits of physical fitness is being described in the statement?

A. Save money C. Increase life expectancy

B. Reduce risk of injury D. Stay active

_______14.Which of the following statements about triple block is true? 

A. There are three players stand up to block at the net. 

B. It is also referred to as collective block. 

C. The third blocker is called strong side blocker. 

D. Two or three players are simultaneously participating in a successful block

_______15. Volleyball court awareness is incredibly important and dictates everything from where you should be at any given point of your attack, to the timing of your volleyball hitting approach.

   A. true         B. false        C. somewhat true         D. somewhat false


_______1. What do you call the social activity which involves two or more people generally

assessing each other suitability for potential relationship?

          A. Courtship          B. Dating          C. Attraction              D. Infatuation

_______2. The stage where couple gets to know each other and decides if there will be an 

engagement or such agreement.

 A. courtship   B. engagement C. dating D. marriage

_______3. It is the admiration for someone that may include the desire to get to know that person.

 A. love        B. affection   C. attraction D. loyalty

_______4. How courtships contribute to a successful marriage and family life?

          A. It allows couples to determine and focus on what to expect in marriage.

          B. It gives men the opportunity to show that they are gentlemen.

            C. It is exciting and interesting stage of being single.

D. It is a requirement before marriage.


_______5. The other person does not need to know or be involved in every part of your life. You have space to be yourself outside of the relationship. This is called _________.

A. support       B. fun         C. taking responsibility        D. independence.

_______6. Which of the following is the purpose why persons engage in courtship?

A. It develops understanding and acceptance.  

B. It will make the parents happy. 

C. It will create disagreements and frustrations.

D. It develops self-love and self-worth

_______ 7. What statement shows that the couple is committed to each other?

 A. Couples are willing to compromise for a lifelong togetherness.

 B. Couples should be separated by problems and obstacles. 

 C. Couples should keep secrets for their privacy.

 D. Couples care the happiness of the other person.

_______8. How many months do normal pregnancy generally last? 

A. 6 months B. 9 months C. 12 months D. 13 months

_______9. Which of thes is the process where a vaccine is introduced into the boy of a child to trigger an immune response?

 A. conception      B. immunization        C. contraction       D. dilation

______10. What make a pregnant person healthy and strong?

          A. Makes her relax by going to the parlor and sauna.

          B. Gets prenatal care and healthy diet meals.

          C. Eating variety of foods and sweets.

          D. Taking a nap always.

______11. This is an essential substance that contains antibodies that help the immune system of the 

infant to be strong.

  A. breast milk        B. formula milk       C. coffee        D. chocolate drinks

______12.  Which term is used for products that prevent pregnancy such a condom, IUD, implants?  

A. conception    B. contraceptives   C. devices       D. derivatives

______13. Which of this is the process that lasts from the time contractions start until the delivery of the child and the placenta.

 A. labor  B. pregnancy C. birth D. conception

______14. Why is newborn screening is important ? 

A. Metabolic disorders may be detected even before clinical signs and symptoms are seen. 

B. The result might give the mother many side effects on the delivery of the newborn.

C. The blood circulation of the mother can be stabilized using this method. 

D. The fetus can receive food from the method.

______15. A healthy and satisfying relationship allows both partner to grow and develop to their full potential as a human being. This statement refers to:

A. growth in marriage C. being honest to your partner

B. commitment in marriage D. shared philosophy of marriage


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