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New! Kindergarten- 1st Periodical Tests with TOS and Answer Key | SY 2023 - 2024 , FREE DOWNLOAD

New! Kindergarten- 1st Periodical Tests with TOS and Answer Key | SY 2023 - 2024 , FREE DOWNLOAD
New! Kindergarten- 1st Periodical Tests with TOS and Answer Key | SY 2023 - 2024 , FREE DOWNLOAD

Assessment is a process that is used to keep track of learners’ progress in relation to learning standards and in the development of 21st-century skills; to promote self-reflection and personal accountability among students about their own learning, and to provide bases for the profiling of student performance on the learning competencies and standards of the curriculum. 

Various kinds of assessments shall be used appropriately for different learners who come from diverse contexts, such as cultural backgrounds and life experiences.

DEPEDTRENDS offers an array of DepEd resources, including 1st to 4th Quarter Periodical Tests with TOS for all subjects. 

Our meticulously compiled lists of Periodical Tests for SY 2023-2024 are categorized by quarter and are regularly updated. Each quarter has its dedicated page, containing the latest Periodical Tests for the 1st to 4th quarters of SY 2023-2024.

New! Kindergarten- 1st Periodical Tests with TOS and Answer Key | SY 2023 - 2024 , FREE DOWNLOAD

Communication Skills (CS)

Numeracy Skills (NS)

Sensory Skills (CS)

Socio-Emotional Skills (CS)

The Kindergarten Curriculum Framework (KCF) draws from the goals of the K to 12 Philippine Basic Education Curriculum Framework and adopts the general principles of the National Early Learning Framework (NELF). Kindergarten learners need to have a smooth transition to the content-based curriculum of Grades 1 to 12.

The items in rectangles in Figure 1 show the theoretical bases for teaching-learning in the early years, which are founded on constructivism, integrative, thematic, collaborative, inquiry-based, and reflective teaching in play-based approaches with the application of the Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP); these support the principles of child growth and development, and the learning program development and assessment.

The circles, on the other hand, signify the system of how Kindergarten Education is to be employed. The interlocked ellipses represent the learning domains that have to be nurtured and equally imparted to holistically develop children. It also forms a flower that portrays the gradual unfolding but steady development, as is expected of every child. The child is seen as being in the process of blossoming – like a flower bud whose development should not be forced lest it loses its chance to fully mature. The domains are enclosed by the Learning Areas children will meet in Grade One onward, for which they are being prepared. The outermost layer indicates the Curricular Themes upon which the Kindergarten Curriculum Guide (KCG) or the Teacher’s Guide is designed. It has been crafted using the thematic or integrative approach to curriculum development in a spiraling learning process. This approach employs integrative and interactive teaching-learning strategies as well as child-centered learning experiences.


This free downloadable printable 1st quarter periodical test is provided for general informational and educational purposes only. 

While we have made efforts to ensure the accuracy and quality of the content, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or availability of the test materials. Any reliance you place on this test is strictly at your own risk.

Furthermore, we disclaim any responsibility for any loss, damage, or inconvenience caused as a result of the use of this test or any information contained within it. We strongly advise that you review it first, make necessary modifications to align it with the MELC (Most Essential Learning Competencies), and validate the periodical tests accordingly.

By downloading and using this 1st periodical test, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this disclaimer, and you agree to use the materials provided herein solely for general educational purposes. 

If you have any questions or queries, suggestions and recommendation about the SHS Periodical Tests please contact us through our contact page CONTAC US

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