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FREE DOWNLOAD SECOND QUARTER EXAM in Personal Development School Year 2022-2023

FREE DOWNLOAD SECOND QUARTER EXAM in Personal Development School Year 2022-2023

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What's inside the Personal Development periodical exam?

SECOND QUARTER EXAM in Personal Development/Pansariling Kaunlaran

School Year 2022-2023

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General Directions: Read the following questions thoroughly and choose the correct answer from the given choices. Write legibly the LETTER of your correct answer on the blank provided before each number.

______1. What component of attraction refer to when people tend to be influenced by what they see?

                A. Physical appearance                                              C. Reciprocity

                B. Proximity                                                                 D. Similarity


______2. It is considered as the first form of love

                A. Husband and wife                                                   C. Relationship with friends

                B. Mother and child                                                     D. Teacher and students


______3. It pertains to physical and functional distance

                A. Physical appearance                                              C. Reciprocity               

                B. Proximity                                                                 D. Similarity


______3. Which component of love consists affective variables like emotional support and caring?

                A. Romantic love                                                         C.Intimacy

                B. Commitment                                                            D. Passion


______4. A type of love which comprises the 3 components of love

                A.Liking                                                                       C. Empty love    

                B. Fatuous                                                                   D. Consummate love


______5. _________ is an attachment style wherein a child is too dependent to the parents and seeks more attention from them

                A. Anxious/ambivalent attachment style                     C. Secure attachment style

                B. Romantic love style                                                D. Avoidance attachment style


______6. Which among the choices below is NOT considered as one of the ways in expressing commitment with others? 

                 A. Empathy                                                                C. Respect

                 B. Trust                                                                       D. Secrecy


______7. What component of attraction is being described when people usually tend to choose others to be with them because they have things in common?

                A. Physical appearance                                              C. Similarity

                B. Proximity                                                                 D. Reciprocity


______8. What do you call a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties?

                A. Love                                                                       C. Commitment

                B. Respect                                                                  D. Attraction


______9. Which of the following is NOT one of the types of love according to R. Sternberg?

                A. Infatuation                                                              C. Companionate

                B. Reciprocity                                                             D. Fatuous



______10. This refers to a more complex long-term relationship.

                   A. Commitment                                                      C. Proximity

                   B. Intimacy                                                             D. Passion


______11. He proposed the Triangular Model of Love.

                  A. J. Brannan                                                          C. C.Strangor

                  B. H. Fisher                                                             D. R. Sternberg


______12. It consists of physiological and affective variables like physical attraction and emotional responses that promote physical changes.

                  A. Commitment                                                       C. Passion

                  B. Intimacy                                                              D. Romantic love


______13. In this attachment style, the child used to receive right affection from parent. He/she feels protected and parents are available anytime.

                   A. Anxious/ambivalent Attachment Style               C. Secure Attachment Style

                   B. Romantic Love Style                                          D. Avoidant Attachment Style


______14. Which of the following best describes Oxytocin?

                   A. It is one of the four “feel-good chemicals that promotes strong connections between                


                   B. It is a peptide that conveys a behavior of individual.

                   C. It produces sad hormones secreted in the brain.

                   D. It produces a behavior of developing stable, loving, and long-term relationship.


______15. Personal Relationship is the ______________.

                  A. Choice of a person to be engaged in a certain kind of relationship.

                  B. Kind of interaction one makes when dealing in an intimate group of people.

                  C. Close connection between the people formed by emotional bonds and interaction.

                  D. Type of person’s involvement in the community where he/she grows to be a good 



______16. Romantic Relationship is characterized by ______________.

                   A. Happy experiences shared by individuals

                   B. Mutual love and respect shared by the couples

                   C. Sympathy rendered by individuals towards one another

                   D. Sense of belongingness felt by individuals with each other


______17. Which of the following is NOT part of so called “feel good” chemicals?

                  A. Oxydicin                                                      C. Serotonin

                  B. Endorphin                                                    D. Dopamine


______18. What do you call the feelings and action that keep partners working together to maintain a relationship?

                  A. Affection                                                      C. Commitment

                  B. Attraction                                                     D. Love


______19. Infatuation comprises ________________.

                  A. Intimacy and Commitment                          C. Passion only

                  B. Commitment and passion                           D. Intimacy only


______20. Which type of love consist of passion and commitment?

                  A. Romantic Love                                            C. Liking   

                  B. Fatuous Love                                              D. Companionate


______21. According to Sue and Porges, it is one of the important components of a complex neurochemical system that allows the body to adapt to highly emotional situation.

                  A. Affection                                                     C. Commitment

                  B. Attraction                                                    D. Love

______22. It happens when the feeling is being returned by someone the same way as you do.

                  A. Physical appearance                                 C. Reciprocity

                  B. Proximity                                                    D. Similarity


______23. Which of the following pertains to a physical distance between two individuals?

                  A. Physical appearance                                 C. Reciprocity

                  B. Proximity                                                    D. Similarity


______24. What best describes avoidant attachment style?

                  A. It can be due to unpleasant experience    C. Lacking affection

                  B. The child feels more safe                          D. Communicated with parent


______25. It is thefeeling of satisfaction for both abstract and concrete things.

                  A. Happiness                                                 C. Communication

                  B. Empathy                                                    D. Respect


______26. Which of the following is a cognitive process and decision to dedicate love to another individual with willingness to keep it lasts?

                 A. Affection                                                     C. Commitment

                 B. Attraction                                                    D. Love


______27. It is an element that help promote love that produces a behavior of loving and lasting relationship.

                  A. Oxydicin                                                    C. Serotonin

                  B. Endorphin                                                  D. Vasopressin



______28. Which of the following provides an opportunity to an individual to verbally committing to cooperate with others?

                   A. Happiness                                                C. Communication

                   B. Empathy                                                   D. Respect


______29. Which peptide is known as love hormone?

                  A. Oxytocin                                                    C. Serotonin

                  B. Endorphin                                                  D. Vasopressin


______30. What is the primary source of personal relationship in teenage life?

                  A. Family                                                       C. Community

                  B. School                                                       D. Peers


______31. What is critical in the development of teenagers’ life as they transcend to young adulthood?

                  A. Friendship and attachment                       C. Family and school activity

                  B. High school and college years                  D. School and community involvement


______32. Which relationship refers to connection that exist between people who have recurring interaction that are perceived by the participants to have personal meeting?

                  A. Social relationship                                    C. Emotional relationship

                  B. Personal relationship                                D. Marital relationship



______33. What relationship is involved when you encounter people oftentimes?

                  A. Family                                                       C. Colleague

                  B. Friends                                                      D. Acquaintances


______34. What partnership is present when a scholastic achievement of the teenager is involved?

                  A. Home – school partnership                      C. Community – home partnership

                  B. School – community partnership              D. Community – parents’ partnership

______35. Which of the following defines community partnership?

                  A. It is the way in which two people regard and behave towards each other.

                  B. It is the relationship between family members and neighbors.

                  C. It is the relationship through kinship.

                  D. It describes a company’s interaction in the society in which someone resides.


______36. What is true about a mini-survey?

                  A. It consists of 15-50 questions.

                  B. It is given to a large group of respondents.

                  C. It invites freely expanded comment.

                  D. It usually used more close than open – ended questions.


______37. Eric has to conduct a mini-survey about family relationship. Who would be his possible respondents?

                  A. Eric’s neighbors                                                     C. Eric’s schoolmates

                  B. Eric’s friends                                                          D. Eric’s siblings and kinship


______38. Which of the following questions is correct and appropriate when writing questionnaire?

                  A. Whose student is present in the meeting?

                  B. Would you like to study near Manila?

                  C. If you could improve your speech, would you do it?

                  D. Should the school strictly implement the policies?


______39. How many words must be used in making questions in a mini-survey?

                  A. More than 16 words

                  B. Less than 16 words

                  C. Exactly 16 words

                  D. 20 words and above


______40. What kind of sentence is acceptable in constructing questions in mini- survey?

                  A. Simple sentence

                  B. Compound sentence

                  C. Complex sentence

                  D. Vague sentence


______41. Which step is NOT included in conducting a mini-survey?

                  A. Clarify your objectives

                  B. Find out what else has been done

                  C. Choose the respondents

                  D. Develop the questions while conducting the survey


______42. According to the British and Thorndike (1973), guidelines for writing questions must be?

                  A. Long and accurate

                  B. Short and simple

                  C. Constructed with passive than active words

                  D. Constructed with pronoun instead of noun


______43. Grace is preparing a mini-survey about Filipino relationship. What is the first thing that she must do?

                  A. Prepare a question                               C. Interview the respondents      

                  B. Go out and look for respondents          D. Clarify the objectives in conducting survey


______44. Which is the correct order in preparing a mini survey?

                  A. Find out what else has been done        C. Choose your respondents

                  B. Clarify the objectives                             D. Develop the questions


                  A. ABCD                                                    C. CABD

                  B. BACD                                                    D. DCBA

______45. Which institution has the responsibility for developing the personal relationship in teenage life?

                  A. Family                                                   C. Community

                  B. School                                                   D. Barangay Office


______46. Below are the three kinds of personal relationships EXCEPT one.

                  A. Gang                                                           C. Friends

                  B. Family                                                         D. Partnerships 

______47. What item shows the importance of relationships? 

                  A. It provides food and shelter.                       C. It gives one sense of belongingness.

                  B. It assists one in his/her job.                        D. It increases one's enthusiasm towards 

______48. What is meant by having quality time with your loved ones? 

                  A. Having cheerful moments with your friends 

                  B. Having serious arguments with your parents 

                  C. Eating dinner with the complete family members 

                  D. Spending a day with the family members in the mall 

______49. What is meant by being responsible in a relationship? 

                  A. Taking turns to do household chores 

                  B. Taking your duty religiously and seriously 

                  C. Taking advantage of the kindness of the other party 

                  D. Taking your responsibility to keep the relationship healthy 

______50. What is meant by a sense of security in a relationship? 

                   A. Being able to own a property 

                   B. Being able to secure all important things 

                   C. Being able to know you have someone to rely on 

                   D. Being able to feel that you have to someone to protect you 

______51. What is meant by a sense of reliability in a relationship? 

                   A. Knowing that there is someone to blame you 

                   B. Knowing that there is someone to do things for you 

                   C. Knowing that there is someone whom you can rely on 

                   D. Knowing that there is someone who can protect you against trouble 

______52. What item does NOT show well-communicated love? 

                   A. Thumbs up to a boy who hit a homerun

                   B. A cheer to the performance of a young girl 

                   C. A woman scolding her daughter in front of the cashier 

                   D. A man putting a coat to the old woman seated on a bench 

______53. What statement does NOT show that a person is a good listener? 

                   A. He/She puts earphones on. 

                   B. He/She gives the person a hug. 

                  C. He/She willingly shared his/her point of view. 

                  D. He/She discusses his/her previous experience. 

______54. Below are the things that comprise trust EXCEPT one. 

                  A. Love                                                    C.Interrogation

                  B. Honesty                                               D. Encouragement 

______55. What is likely to happen when one person consistently receives someone’s trust? 

                  A. He/she will hate him/herself more. 

                  B. He/she will love him/herself more. 

                  C. He/she will demonstrate unpleasant behaviour. 

                  D. He/she will be confident in whatever thing he/she does. 

______56. What is meant by non-judgmental listening? 

                  A. Reacting violently over the issue 

                  B. Keeping what was shared a secret 

                  C. Kkeeping your mouth shot the whole time 

                  D. Getting the point of view of the person sharing 

______57. What is meant by commitment in a relationship? 

                  A. Forgetting your own identify 

                  B. Offering yourself to the relationship 

                  C. Insisting someone to offer him/herself in a relationship 

                  D. Making the other party comfortable in the relationship 

______58. How can you show you value your relationship?

                  A. I will consider the feelings of my loved ones. 

                  B. I will consider the benefit I get from everyone. 

                  C. I will forget the kindness of the people around me. 

                  D. I will take good care of my loved ones when they are sick. 

______59. What statements do NOT give the importance of relationships? 

                  A. Help one be decisive.                                   C. Help one boost his/her confidence.    

                  B. Help one sees his/her potentials.                 D. Help one to have a sense of direction. 

______60. How significant is one's understanding about the importance of a relationship in his/her life? 

                  A. It will help him/her value his/her identity and capabilities. 

                  B. It will help him/her see his/her future problems and avoid them. 

                  C. It will help him/her evaluate his/her relationships with his/her loved ones. 

                  D. It will help him/her create means of communication with his/her loved ones.

______61. What is likely to happen when two people shared mutual love? Their relationship will_______. 

                   A. Grow in numbers alone 

                   B. Be pleasing 

                   C. For everybody grow and become stronger 

                   D. Be broken and get separated 

______62. What personality does a good and real friend must have to make the relationship stronger? 

                   A. Envious                                                      C. Assertive gregarious 

                   B. Assertive                                                    D. Compassionate 

______63. What should a family avoid to maintain the trust in each member? 

                  A. Affection                                                       c. Disagreement

                  B. Dishonesty                                                   D. Encouragement

 ______64. What item will BEST make a good romantic relationship or partnership to last? 

                   A. Infidelity                                                      C. Insecurities

                   B. Generosity                                                  D. Communication 

______65. What item does NOT show a proper way of communicating one’s love and affection to someone? 

                  A. Warm embrace                                             C. A tap on a shoulder

                  B. Frequent nagging                                         D. A kiss on the cheek 

______66. Being a good listener also entails being a good____________.

                  A. Adviser                                                         C. Partner 

                  B. Teacher                                                        D. Provider 

______67. Which statement shows the meaning of “Respect begets respect”? 

                   A. You should respect others for them to trust you. 

                   B. You should respect others for them to accept you. 

                   C. You should respect others for them to respect you. 

                   D. You should respect others for them to encourage you. 

______68. What is likely to be developed by a person when he/she is able to experience the sense of reliability from his/her loved ones? 

                   A. He/She will become loyal.                         C. He/She will become sensible. 

                   B. He/She will become honest.                      D. He/She will become responsible. 


______69. Which is NOT true about having mutual respect? 

                   A. Only one party shows respect. 

                   B. It makes the relationship stronger. 

                   C. It develops wholesome relationships. 

                   D. Both parties try to understand one another. 

______70. How can relationships help you have a sense of direction? 

                  A. It helps me reach my own goal.

                  B. It helps me gain opportunities I need. 

                  C. It helps me aim to share a good life to my loved ones. 

                  D. It helps me project my concentration to the priorities of both. 


NOTE: These Periodical Tests can be downloaded for free. This site gives full credit to the writers of these files. You may improve these tests to better fit your learners and the competencies taught.

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