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FREE DOWNLOAD SECOND QUARTER EXAM in Intro to Human Philosophy of Human Person School Year 2022-2023

FREE DOWNLOAD SECOND QUARTER EXAM in Intro to Human Philosophy of Human Person School Year 2022-2023

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Intro to Human Philosophy of Human Person

What's inside the Filipino sa Intro to Human Philosophy of Human Person periodical exam?


School Year 2022-2023

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General Directions: Read the following questions thoroughly and choose the correct answer from the given choices. Write legibly the LETTER of your correct answer on the blank provided before each number.

______1. Among the statements below, what best describes intersubjectivity?

                A. Intersubjectivity is about how humans treat plants.

                B. It is a state of sharing of subjective states by two or more


                C. It is about how we judge other persons.

                D. We treat others as objects in intersubjective relationships.


______2. Which statement is incorrect about intersubjectivity?

                A. Love is an important aspect in intersubjective relationships.

                B. We can put ourselves in the shoes of others.

                C. I can disregard others as much as I want.

                D. We cannot help but be sensitive with the existence of the other.


______3. Who among the discussed philosophers focus on the concept of

human-heartedness in his philosophy of intersubjectivity?

                A. Karol Wojtyla                               C. Confucius

                B. Martin Buber                                D. Martin Heidegger


______4. Who is the Jewish philosopher who introduced the “I-Thou” and “I-It”


               A. Karol Wojtyla                                C. Confucius

               B. Martin Buber                                 D. Martin Heidegger

______5. What is the main focus of Karol Wojtyla’s philosophy of


               A. Intellect                                         C. Participation

               B. Feelings                                        D. Contribution

______6. The human person is not just being-in-the-world but being-with-others, or being-in-relation. One great example of this is? 

                A. Hatred to your enemy                  C. Sincerity and concern to others 

                B. Children exploitation                    D. Bullying 

______7. Which of the following statement is TRUE? 

                A. Most people with disabilities cannot work 

                B. Human person can live on his own without the help of others 

                C. It is impossible to appreciate PWD’s and those from the underprivileged sectors of 

                     the society. 

                D. Everybody deserves to be treated as human being no matter what he/she looks like. 

______8. The following are perception about persons with disabilities (PWD) EXCEPT; 

                A. PWD are people with the same right as what other people does. 

                B. PWD’s are less productive. 

                C. PWD’s could possibly engage into various social activities. 

                D. PWD’s can contribute to the economic growth of the society. 

______9. Which of the following is NOT characteristics of the underprivileged. 

                A. Uneducated                                C. Malnutrition and poor health 

                B. Victims of calamity                      D. Lack of shelter 

______10. The human person is not just being in the world but being-with-others, or being- in the world but being with the following EXCEPT... 

                 A. Acceptable                                C. Sincerity 

                 B. Respect                                     D. Rejection 

______11. Who among the following demonstrates an appreciation for the talents of PWD’s and those from the underprivileged sectors of the society? 

                 A. Mike, an honor student, will continue his studies in US 

                 B. Nicki is watching a talent show for PWD’s on TV 

                 C. Jean, invited a poor boy, who sings very well to her show 

                 D. Manny offers a full scholarship program for a debate winner 

______12. Which of the following is NOT a way to help others? 

                 A. Offer kindness proactively 

                 B. Volunteer your time 

                 C. Offer financial support 

                 D. Say‖ Thank You 

______13. Which of the following are NOT part on how should we treat poor people? 

                 A. Give them support: a good way to help poor people is to give them a hand or a hug. 

                 B. Give them moral support: show love, respect and make them aware that someone 

                      really cares about them 

                 C. Give them economic support: ordinary people can help poor people by giving 

                      economic support 

                 D. Give and offer kindness proactively and Say‖ Thank You 

______14. What is the major reasons why many PWDs enterprises fail? 

                  A. lack of market for their products C. Not recognize 

                  B. good market for their product     D. PWDs 

______15. The country has enough laws to protect the PWDs (person with disability). What is the Executive Order number that showed the protection of the PWDs? 

                  A. Executive Order 143                  C. Executive Order 413 

                  B. Executive Order 417                  D. Executive Order 134 

______16. For the first quarter of 2019 alone, a total of 1,900 PWD were granted livelihood assistance. How much would the total livelihood assistance for the PWDs year 2019? 

                  A. 1.1 million                                  C. 1.50 million                     

                  B. 1.20 million                                 D. 1.51 million 

______17. The people who are underprivileged lack such rights and advantages and may not have access to healthy food or good medical care. _______may increase the risk of disability? 

                 A. Poverty                                       C. Health

                 B. Education                                    D. Economic status 

______18. It is a negative perception that the PWDs are less productive. What is the Philippine government supports for persons with disabilities (PWDs)? 

                 A. to land a job                               C. to respect with deficiency 

                 B. give goods and services            D. medical care 

______19. All of the following shows an importance of Intersubjectivity to society and relationships except ONE?

                 A. It validates real and authentic subjective experiences.

                 B. It promotes sense of community and unity among individuals. 

                 C. It emphasizes that the marginalized persons in the society needs the help, hence, 

                      cannot help or contribute to society. 

                 D. It facilitates interaction among individuals. 

______20. What it means to serve others? 

                  A. Being a servant leader means putting the interest of others above your own. 

                  B. Include support for technical; skills through labor department 

                  C. Give them moral support: show love, 

                  D. Show respect and make them aware that someone really cares about them

______21. Which of the following philosophers posited that ―we tend to conform to an image or idea associated with being a certain type of person‖? 

                  A. Ludwig Wittgenstein                    C. Soren Kierkegaard 

                  B. Plato                                             D. Socrates 

______22. Which of the following institutions that might lead to depression? 

                  A. School                                         C. Social Media 

                  B. Home                                           D. Media 

______23. Which of the following thinkers philosophized that ―the human person attains fulfilment in the realm of the interpersonal, in meeting the other, through a genuine dialogue”? 

                  A. Martin Buber                                C. Nicolaus Copernicus 

                  B. Martin Heidegger                          D. Socrates 

______24. Which of the following ancient rulers that Christianity began to lift Europe from the Dark ages? 

                  A. Charlemagne                               C. Clovis 

                  B. Constantine                                  D. Claudius 

______25. What philosophy of thoughts proliferated during the middle ages? 

                  A. Rationalism                                  C. Paganism 

                  B. Feudalism                                    D. Barbarism 

______26. Which of the following thinkers led the reformation developed by the protestant ethnic?                                   

                   A. Martin Luther                               C. Martin Heidegger

                   B. Martin Buber                                D. Immanuel Kant 

______27. Which of the following developments that it is not a one-way process, but comprises the multilateral interactions among global systems, local practices, transitional trends, and personal lifestyles? 

                  A. Global Phenomenon                    C. Marxist Revolution 

                  B. Globalization                                D. Machinery Revolution

______28. Which of the following philosophers ―brought up his philosophic thoughts with the more general problem or knowledge‖? 

                  A. Immanuel Kant                             C. Jean Jacques Rousseau 

                  B. Johannes Kepler                          D. Rene Descartes ___

______29. What year did the Reformation start? 

                   A. 1452                                            C. 1517 

                   B. 1453                                            D. 1520 

______30. Which of the following doctrines that holds the conviction that the Son of God is finite and created by God the father, and thus, condemned by the Church? 

                   A. Arian belief                                C. Reformist belief 

                   B. Atheist belief                              D. Pagan belief 

______31. What is the meaning of the Latin word ―feudum‖? 

                  A. Possession                                 C. Beauty 

                  B. Spiritual                                       D. Education 

______32. What period did Christopher Columbus land his ships in the ―new world‖? 

                  A. Medieval period                          C. Globalization 

                  B. Modern period                            D. Modernization 

______33. Which of the following branches of computer science that refers to the study and design of intelligent agents? 

                  A. Artificial Intelligence                    C. Artificial Insight 

                  B. Artificial Instinct                           D. Artificial Intellect

______34. What period did Immanuel Kant bring up his philosophic thoughts with the more general problem of knowledge? 

                  A. Naturalism                                  C. Critical Idealism 

                  B. Empiricism                                  D. Existentialism 

______35. Which of the following periods that the consequences of Copernican Revolution were many and numerous? 

                  A. Modern Period                            C. Globalization

                  B. Medieval Period                          D. Modernization


______36. It refers to the social conditions which enable persons and groups to fulfil their

goals and achieve well-being.

                  A. Common goal                             C. Social being

                  B. Common good                            D. Social condition


______37. It is an organized group of people whose members interact frequently and have

a common territory and culture.

                  A. Family                                        C. Society

                  B. Individual                                   D. Siblings


______38. The person is by nature a

                  A. Social force                                C. Social condition

                  B. Sociologist                                 D. Social being


______39. Education starts

                  A. At home                                     C. In the community

                  B. In school                                    D. With neighbours


______40. It gives us the opportunity to pursue various activities to achieve our goals and

attain well-being or happiness.

                  A. Freedom                                    C. Opportunity

                  B.Justice                                        D. Happiness 


______41. The principal means of subsistence of pastoralists is

                  A. Trading                                      C. Farming

                  B. Animal domestication                 D. Hunting and gathering


______42. The oldest and the most basic way of economic subsistence.

                   A. Gathering and fishing               C. Pastoral and fishing 

                   B. Hunting and pastoral                D. Hunting and gathering


______43. It is the product of the post-industrial society.

                  A. Industrial society                       C. virtual society

                  B. Feudal society                           D. Agricultural society


______44. The society based on the use of specialized machinery in the production of

goods and services.

                  A. Hunting and gathering society  C. Post-industrial society

                  B. Horticultural society                   D. Industrial society


______45. The society based on the ownership of land.

                  A. Feudal society                           C. Agricultural society

                  B. Pastoral society                         D. Virtual society

______46. He was charged of impiety and corruption of the minds of the youths, he also said that, “knowledge enables one to act correctly, for without knowledge, man does evil.” 

                  A. Aristole                                      C. Plato 

                  B. Zeno                                          D. Socrates 

______47. The Greek term for “self-mastery,” also known as the power of the reason over the sense. 

                  A. Daimonyon                                C. Crisis 

                  B. Enilratea                                    D. Peripatos 

______48. It is said by Aristotle that the imperative quality of a judgment of practical intellect is meaningless apart from____. 

                  A. Will                                             C. Conscience 

                  B. Mind                                           D. The jen 

______49. It is said by this philosopher, that man in his present state of existence is a composite of body and soul, mind and matter, sense and intellect, passion and reason.

                  A. Aristole                                       C. Plato 

                  B. Zeno                                           D. Socrates 

______50. What is this particular act that which is in our power and we are responsible for it? 

                  A. Amoral act                                  C. Moral act 

                  B. Immoral act                                 D. Vicious act 

______51. The philosopher who said that man in his present state of existence on earth is mortal, finite and imperfect; but with the attainment of his supreme purpose and union with God, he is elevated to the rank of the Divine, The Immortal, the Perfect. 

                  A. Augustine                                   C. Aristotle 

                  B. Aquinas                                      D. Socrates 

______52. For him, to live an authentic existence always requires a leap of faith. 

                  A. Martin Heidegger                       C. Immanuel Kant 

                  B. Soren Kierkegaard                     D. Karl Jaspers 

______53. The two foundation stones of individual as well as social ethics which are skillfully joined togethers according to St. Augustine: 

                   A. Faith and hope                          C. love and justice 

                   B. Rights and duties                       D. honor and integrity

______54. Who said this saying: ―Live and do your part as if it is your day, your only day, and your last day. 

                   A. Mother Theresa of Calcutta        C. Carol Wojtyla 

                  B. The Stoics                                    D. The Almighty God 

______55. Which philosopher stated that “life can have a positive meaning?”

                   A. Martin Heidegger                        C. Immanuel Kant 

                   B. Soren Kierkegaard                      D. Karl Jaspers 

______56. Which among the options relate to this passage: “man in his present earthly existence is a composite of body and soul, passion and reason?” 

                   A. Dualistic entity                             C. Total entity

                   B. Unified entity                                D. Non entity 

______57. Which among the options refer to this passage of Aristotle: “It is reason that elevates man far above other brute creation?” 

                   A. Distinction of man from animals 

                   B. Simlar attributes of man from animals 

                   C. Man are not animals 

                    D. Animals are like men 

______58. Which among the options refer to the state of man in his earthly existence according to St. Thomas? 

                   A. Infinite and immortal                    C. Limited and temporal 

                   B. Supreme and divine                     D. Unique and Perfect 

______59. Which among the options refer to the passage of Carl Jaspers: “To live an authentic existence always requires a leap of faith?” 

                  A. Experience freedom and love of God 

                  B. Experience trials and tribulation

                  C. Desire to possess others 

                  D. To seek pleasure at all cost

______60. Which among the options refer to the passage of Schopenhauer: “Unless we do become ourselves, life is meaningless?”

                  A. Passion to follow our desires        C. Desire to possess others 

                  B. Will in overcoming our desire        D. To seek pleasure at all cost 

“The human person builds the road to the destiny of his choosing”. 

______61. Which of the following terms that BEST describes the above statement? 

                  A. Truth                                              C. Thinking 

                  B. Freedom                                        D. Consequences 

“Human will is an instrument of free choice. It is within us to do what is good or bad”.

______62. Which of the following statements does NOT support the claim from the above statement? 

                  A. Our inner awareness of an aptitude to do right or wrong. 

                  B. The rewards and punishment of rulers and general employment of praise and 


                  C. The common testimony of all human beings. 

                  D. Happiness is the process of ever-growing through.

 “Natural law is the human participation in eternal law and is discovered by reason”. 

______63. From the statement above, it can be concluded that, ____________________: 

                  A. We should plant more trees. 

                 B. To be human is to follow crowd decision. 

                 C. To be human is to be guided by reason in the path of God existence. 

                 D. To be human is to act like God. 

______64 Which of the following precepts established by reason by which a person is forbidden to do that which is destructive of his life? 

                 A. Lex legis                                        C. Lex pupolum 

                 B. Dura lex                                         D. Lex naturalis 

______65. Which of the following Filipino values that encompasses the give-and-take relationship among Filipinos as such repaying those who have helped us? 

                  A. Sariling Loob                                C. Utang na Loob 

                  B. Kagandahang Loob                      D. Pakikisama 

______66. Which of the following terms that refers to the power to make your own choices of decision? 

                  A. The Power of Volition                   C. The Power from within 

                  B. The Power of Love                       D. The Power of Attraction 

______67. To be free individual is to be responsible not only for one’s self __________.

                   A. But also to your neighbour.          C. But also for all.

                   B. But also to your friends.               D. But also to your future


______68. Which of the following situations that it should be inculcated in education? 

                  A. Duties and Harmonies

                  B. Discipline and self-centeredness 

                  C. Duties and Discipline 

                  D. Responsibility and Racism 14

______69. Which of the following terms is an instrument of free choices? 

                   A. Acts                                            C. Choices 

                   B. Will                                             D. Freedom 

______70. Which of the following terms is an important tool towards freedom and truth? 

                  A. Critical thinking                           C. Transcendence

                  B. Logical Reasoning                      D. Religion


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