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What's inside the MAPEH Grade 8 periodical exam?


NAME: ____________________________ GR.& SEC._________  SCORE:________ 

DIRECTIONS: Read each item carefully and write the letter of the correct answer on the blank  provided before each item. Write the letter corresponding to your chosen answer in CAPITAL LETTER.


________1. Which of the following Korean music is for the elite or ruling class?

A. Chong-ak C. Sanjo

B. Pansori D. Sog-ak

________2. Which music is usually played in Shinto shrines?

A. Gagaku B. Kagura C. Naga-uta D. Shomyo

________3. What does transparency in East Asian music means?

A. emphasis on melody

B. emphasis on harmony

C. focus on the individual instruments

D. low use of abstraction in music

________4. What Chinese note is equivalent to ‘re’ in the western solfeggio?

A. Gong B. Jiao C. Shang D. Yu

________5. It is considered the unofficial national anthem of Korea.

A. Arirang C. Mo Li Hua

B. Gagaku D. Sakura

________6. Which of the following East Asian countries has a musical characteristic that uses bright rhythms and melodies and offers a more energetic and capricious contrast to the nation’s collection of classical music works?

A. China B. Japan C. Korea D. Singapore

________7.East Asian Music shares 3 general characteristics, one of them is ________?

A. Form B. Melody C. Texture D. Transparency

________8.Which of the following musical elements are present in East Asian Music?

I. The rhythm is offbeat.

II. The melody is pentatonic.

III. The vocal timbre is nasal and throaty.

IV. The texture is monophony and homophony.


B. I, II, IV D. I, II, III, IV

________9.Mr. Sobee is going to perform a piece of traditional Korean music called ‘Pansori’. It means, Mr. Sobee should ______________.

A. sing the melody at a time with no underlying harmony.

B. sing a slow vocal meditative pace and string music like shamisen.

C. sing a long vocal and percussive music played by a vocal singer and skilled drummer.

D. sing the melodies with long, sustained, very slow, and punctuated aerophone instrument.

________10.Mr. Abel is going to play a bright and happy Japanese instrumental music. What type of musical scale will he apply?

A. Ionic scale C. Pentatonic scale

B. in-sen scale D. yo-sen scale

________11.The following are percussion instruments of Japan except:

A. Odaiko C. Taiko

B. Pengling D. Tsuzumi

________12.The following musical instruments are categorized as aerophone except:

A. Erhu C. Nokan

B. Hichiriki C. Nokan

________13.In what Asian country did Kayagum came from?

A. China B. Japan C. Korea D. Philippines

________14.Which of the following characteristics is TRUE about traditional Chinese


A. Chinese music has a fast tempo.

B. All traditional Chinese music is melodic rather than choral.

C. Traditional Chinese music is meditative.

D. Traditional Chinese music has two modes: the Yo-sen and the In-sen

________15.Which of the following statements is TRUE?

A. Chinese vocal music is sung in chorus.

B. Sog-ak has a literal meaning of “Music of the upper classes”.

C. Chamber and solo music have a fast-meditative pace in Japanese Music

D. Chinese music uses the pentatonic scale as can be heard in the song MO Li Hua.


________1. It is the art of beautiful handwriting.

A. calligraphy

B. Chinese calligraphy

C. woodblock printing

D. Korean calligraphy

________2. A type of roofing that is more budget - friendly and common in Chinese architecture.

A. multi-inclined C. straight inclined

B. sweeping D. roof guards

________3. A type of architectural design in which curves rise at the corners of the roofs. These are typically found in temples and palaces, but they can also be found in the homes of wealthy Chinese.

A. straight inclined

B. multi-inclined

C. roof guards

D. sweeping

________4. Painting can be on hanging scrolls, hand scrolls, album sheets, walls, lacquer

wares, folding screens and _______.

A. media B. silks C. sources D. trolls

________5. It is one of the Japanese paintings which means “picture of the floating world”.

A. Holo B. Sitzumo C. Tal D. Ukiyo-e

________6. In East Asia, the technique for printing text, images or patterns used widely throughout is called __________.

A. Chinese calligraphy C. roof guards

B. Japanese Ukiyo-e D. woodblock printing

________7. This has a great function in the development of arts not only in East Asia but all over the world.

A. music C. color

B. paper D. yolk

________8. During what period of Chinese history did Xie He invent paper?

A. Edo Dynasty C. Tang Dynasty

B. Jung Dynasty D. Zheng Dynasty

________9. What makes Great Wall of China special?

A. It extends to the northern part of China.

B. The phases of construction make beauty to the wall.

C. The materials used in the construction were strong enough to hold the walls.

D. The complexity of the walls which protects China from the nomadic tribes of Steppe.

________10.The central tradition of monumental Chinese architecture was called ________ and was used for all sorts of large-scale buildings.

A. Chinese Architecture

B. Japan Architecture

C. Korean Architecture

D. Palace Architecture

________11.What makes Chinese visual art distinctive?

A. It is drawn through thick brush dipped in blue ink.

B. It naturally shows the culture and tradition of Chinese.

C. It has lines that are not found in other countries in East Asia.

D. It has a strong linear focus that conveyed primarily with thin, sharply-defined lines.

________12. The following are decorative handicraft that began as a form of Chinese folk art in the Tang and Song dynasty (960-1279 CE) in China, EXCEPT:

A. Origami B. Tal or t’al C. Ukiyo-e D. Zhongguo

________13.If you were born 2,300 years ago in China, what will be your purpose in using kites?

A. for fishing C. for building a house

B. for painting D. for measuring distances

________14.How does paper folding become popular internationally in the mid-1900s inChina?

A. it was used to decorate doors and windows

B. it was used during the celebration of Shinto weddings

C. it emphasizes the rapid development of Korean astronomy

D. it was used in ceremonial practices such as traditional funerals

________15.Why is make-up essential to East Asian theatrical forms?

A. because it increases effects to the performance

B. because it signifies moods and personalities

C. because it portrays character and personification

D. all of the above


________1. What do you call the ability of the muscle to exert maximal effort in a brief duration?

A. body composition C. muscular endurance

B. cardiovascular endurance D. muscular strength

________2. Which of the following health–related fitness does NOT belong in the group?

A. cardiovascular endurance C. muscular strength

B. muscular endurance D. reaction time

________3. Which sport has a primary focus on muscular power?

A. basketball B. football C. table tennis D. weight lifting

________4. Which of the following is a basic skill of volleyball?

A. batting B. dribbling C. running D. tossing

________5. What health–related exercise measures strength of the upper extremities?

A. curl-ups B. push-up C. sit and reach D. zipper test

________6. Which of the following exercises belongs to flexibility?

A. curl-up B. push–up C. sit and reach D. 3-minute step test

________7. Why do we need to exercise? Exercise has been proven to _________________.

A. increase muscle but decrease bone mass

B. increase cardiac injury during a heart attack

C. reduce the risk of acquiring illnesses

D. weaken the immune system

________8. Which of the following training principles is associated with the mode of exercise being performed?

A. frequency B. intensity C. time D. type

________9. What are the things to consider in preparing an individualized physical activity program?

A. age and fitness status

B. age and health status

C. age, health and height

D. age, health, and fitness status

________10. Which of the following is the most appropriate strategies for setting goals?

A. To establish short-term and long-term goals

B. To develop unrealistic goals

C. To put goals in writing without considering the benefits of physical activity

D. Setting goals according to the availability of time with friends only

________11. Which statement is FALSE about physical activity?

A.Physical activity makes one healthier.

B. Physical activity is the movement of the body that uses energy.

C. Physical activity has an immediate and long-term health benefits.

D. Physical activity cannot help improve quality of life.

________12. This basic skill in volleyball stops the ball of the opponent’s attack to cross the net.

A. Serving C. Setting

B. Blocking D. Attacking

________13. Why is the libero not allowed to serve?

A. Because the role is not suited to them.

B. It is against the international rules of Volleyball

C. Because they are the shortest player.

D. Because they are responsible for receiving and digging.

________14. The following are the safety measures one needs to take when setting up the equipment in a volleyball game EXCEPT:

A. Always warm –up, stretch and cool down.

B. Knee pads are worn by all players at all times.

C. Court is to be cleared of stray balls.

D. Jewelry worn during the competition.

________15. How many players are involved in a one volleyball team inside the court?

A. Five C. Seven

B. Eight D. Six


________1. What stage in life where a person establishes an agreed relationship in a more enduring kind?

A. courtship C. friendship

B. engagement D. marriage

________2. What is a sacred ceremony which two people involves in a lifelong commitment?

A. courtship C. engagement

B. dating D. marriage

________3. What is the period of agreement will be entered between two people in love for them to be able to know each other and their families wellenough?

A. courtship C. engagement

B. dating D. marriage

________4. What is a type of dating where two couples go on a date at the same time and place?

A. double date C. group date

B. friendship date D. standard date

________5. What is the period in a couple’s relationship where they get to know each other and decides if there will be an engagement?

A. courtship C. friendship

B. engagement D. group date

________6. The phase of pregnancy that lasts from week to birth.

A. first trimester C. third Trimester

B. second Trimester D. second and third trimester

________7. The process of birth wherein the doctor surgically removes the baby from the womb.

A. caesarian section C. painless delivery

B. normal delivery D. forceps delivery

________8. It refers to the severe, persistent nausea and vomiting during pregnancy — more extreme than "morning sickness".

A. Anemia C. Low-lying placenta

B. Hyperemesis Gravidarum D. Pre-eclampsia

________9. This refers to the type of anemia occurs when the body doesn't have enough iron to produce adequate amounts of hemoglobin.

A. Folate deficiency C. Placenta deficiency

B. Iron deficiency D. Vitamin B12 deficiency

________10. All of the following are the practices of taking good care of a pregnant mother except one.

A. doing numerous physical activities

B. eating fruits and vegetables regularly

C. taking folic acid for neural tube defects prevention

D. wearing comfortable, loose-fitting maternity clothed

________11. Preparing of the crib for the unborn child falls in what phase of pregnancy?

A. post-natal C. preconception

B. pre and post-natal D. prenatal

________12. What does good parenting require? It requires to _________________.

A. provide a positive role model

B. encourage a productive behavior

C. engage in adequate supervision

D. all of the above

________13. Which of the following can negatively affect children?

A. poverty C. favoritism in the family

B. separated parents D. all of the above

________14. It’s a permanent contraception where the vas deferens tubes that carry the sperm from testicles was cut.

A. Combined Oral Contraception C. Male Sterilization (Vasectomy)

B. Progestogen Only Injectable D. Combined Oral Contraceptives

________15. What do you call to a small elastic plastic device containing copper sleeves or wire that is inserted into the uterus?

A. Male Condom

B. Lactational Amenorrhea Method

C. Intrauterine Device: Copper Containing

D. Female Condom



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