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What's inside the ENGLISH Grade 10 periodical exam?


NAME: ____________________________ GR.& SEC._________  SCORE:________ 

Directions: Read the question carefully and write your answer in the blank.

_____1. It identifies a piece of what we want and work toward achieving it.

              A. Campaign                          C. Research

              B. Advocacy                          D. Repetition

_____2. It is a careful consideration of study regarding a particular concern or problem using scientific methods.

              A. Campaign                         C. Research

              B. Advocacy                          D. Repetition

_____3. It means taking action to create change.

              A. Campaign                         C. Research

              B. Advocacy                          D. Repetition

_____4. What do you call the underlined word in, “We ought to preserve life.”?

              A. Campaign                         C. Modal verb

              B. Advocacy                          D. Repetition

_____5. What language device is used in, “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!”?

              A. Repetition                         C. Modal verb

              B. Advocacy                          D. Repetition

_____6. What do language device is used when a “pathologist” is mentioned?

              A. Expert                               C. Modal verb

              B. Advocacy                          D. Repetition

_____7. What type of speech or text is used in the language for research, campaign and advocacy?

              A. Expert                               C. Modal verb

              B. Advocacy                          D. Persuasive

_____8. Where do we use the technical term hypothesis?

              A. Expert                               C. Research

              B. Advocacy                          D. Persuasive

_____9. An argumentative essay tries to change the reader’s mind by convincing the reader to agree with the writer’s point of view.

              A. True                                  C. Either A or B

              B. False                                 D. Neither A nor B

_____10. In an argumentative essay, it is usually assumed that the reader agrees with the writer.

              A. True                                  C. Either A or B

              B. False                                 D. Neither A nor B

_____11. The reader needs to know what the issue is going to be.

              A. True                                 C. Either A or B

              B. False                                 D. Neither A nor B

_____12. An argumentative essay attempts to be highly __________ and __________.

              A. argumentative; spiritual   C. persuasive; logical

              B. argumentative; emotional D. persuasive; analytical

_____13. This is an example of the sources of evidence.

              A. gossips                              C. movies

              B. research findings               D. clips

_____14. The following are the parts of an argumentative essay EXCEPT __________.

              A. thesis statement                C. body

              B. introduction                      D. conclusion

_____15. This part introduces the problem and gives the background information necessary for the argument.

              A. thesis statement                C. body

              B. introduction                      D. conclusion

_____16. Below are the characteristics of an argumentative essay EXCEPT one.

              A. The argumentative essay introduces and explains the issue or case.

              B. The essay offers reasons, and supports these reasons.

              C. The essay, at times, refutes (proves wrong) opposing arguments.

              D. The essay hides the issue to the readers.

_____17.This is marked by obtrusive energy and self-assertiveness.

              A. Campaign                        C. Modal verb

              B. Advocacy                         D. Aggressive

_____18. This is a coherent series of reasons, statements, or facts intended to support or establish a point of view.

              A. Argument                        C. Modal verb

              B. Advocacy                         D. Aggressiv

_____19. It is the quality or state of causing death or destruction.

              A. Campaign                        C. Fatality

              B. Advocacy                         D. Aggressive

_____20. This means to drive dangerously close behind another vehicle.

              A. Campaign                        C. Fatality

              B. Tailgate                            D. Aggressive

_____21. This is an inclination of temperament or outlook, especially a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment.

              A. Campaign                        C. Bias

              B. Tailgate                            D. Aggressive

_____22. It means the act or an instance of conceding (as by granting some- thing as a right, accepting something as true, or acknowledging defeat).

              A. Campaign                        C. Bias

              B. Concession                       D. Aggressive

_____23. This is a piece of information presented as having objective reality.

              A. Campaign                        C. Bias

              B. Fact                                  D. Aggressive

_____24. This is a chart, diagram, or illustration (as in a book or magazine, or on a website) that uses graphic elements to present information in a visually striking way.

              A. Campaign                        C. Infographic

              B. Fact                                  D. Aggressive

_____25. This is a belief stronger than impression and less strong than positive knowledge.

              A. Opinion                          C. Infographic

              B. Fact                                 D. Aggressive

_____26. It is something (such as a graphic) that appeals to the sight and is used for effect or illustration —usually used in plural.

              A. Opinion                         C. Visual

              B. Fact                                D. Aggressive

_____27. A statement used to make a declaration or to express strong belief on a certain topic is called ______________.

              A. assertion                         C. fact

              B. opinion                           D. affirmation

_____28. When is the best time to formulate literary assertion?

              A. after reading a story

              B. after playing online games

              C. before watching a play

              D. before writing the poem

_____29. The following are types of assertion EXCEPT _______________.

              A. I – Language Assertion

              B. Emphatic Assertion

              C. Core Assertion

              D. Basic Assertion

_____30. This pertains to a view, a judgment or an appraisal about a particular matter.

              A. assertion                          C. fact

              B. opinion                            D. affirmation

This is for question numbers 5 and 6.

_____31- 32. Why do we need to formulate assertions? (choose two answers)

              A. to convince the reader to accept the writer’s interpretation

              B. to let the reader understand the background of the paper

              C. to present the conclusion of the academic research

              D. to let the writer directly convey his idea or feeling

_____33. What makes a strong literary assertion?

              A. Every assertion must contain hypothesis proposed by the author.

              B. Every assertion must be followed by facts and evidence.

              C. Every assertion must include observation made by the novelist.

              D. Every assertion must include the summary of articles.

_____34. The following are parts of I-Language Assertion EXCEPT _______________.

              A. It contains information on its effect or feeling of the writer.

              B. It contains information on the recommendation of the writer.

              C. It contains information from other credible sources.

              D. It contains specific information from the literary work.

_____35. Which of the following statements BEST describes expository writing?

              A. Expository writing is a form of writing that exposes readers to different types of literary 


              B. Expository writing seeks to explain or inform readers about a subject.

              C. Expository writing is a form of writing that exposes readers to the life of an author.

_____36. This part of the exposition or expository writing states the problem or simply the topic

              A. Conclusion                         C. Introduction

              B. Body/Argument 

_____37. In this part, the writer sometimes repeats the introduction, makes a wrap or suggests a solution

              A. Introduction                       C. Body/Argument

              B. Conclusion 

_____38. This part contains the elaboration of the topic presented and the evidences or reasons of them.

              A. Body/argument               C. Conclusion

              B. Introduction 

_____39. When using expository writing, it is important to assume that your audience has:

              A. Personal experience with the topic

              B. Some background knowledge about the topic

              C. Little to no background knowledge about the topic

_____40. Below is an example of a short exposition or simply a discussion.

What part do you think is the underlined group of sentences?

Benefits from Exercising

Exercise brings about many benefits. First, it strengthens the

heart. When you exercise, your heart beats faster. So there is more

blood flowing in your body and your heart becomes stronger. Second,

when you exercise, you forget about the sad things which are

bothering you. You also relieve pressure and feel relaxed after working

out. Moreover, if you exercise constantly, you become healthier and do

not get sick easily. As you can see, exercise really does you good in

many ways. If you are not in the habit of exercising, do it now. Then

you can enjoy the benefits from exercising.

              A. Introduction                     C. Conclusion

              B. Body

_____41. This form of exposition breaks down a broad topic into categories or groupings.

              A. Descriptive/Definition

              B. Comparative/Contrast

              C. Classification

_____42. An example of this exposition form is, explaining the difference between owning and renting a home and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

              A. Descriptive

              B. Process

              C. Comparative

Zoren, the Witty Prince

Nagravcan is a famous kingdom in the South. This is a vast kingdom of the Blosco. King Blosco has three handsome princes, but since childhood they compete in almost everything that they almost forget they are brothers. They grow as if they are not related to one another. Nard, the eldest feels that he has the voice and the power being the first child, but Zoren and Curvo never

listen to him because they believe they are in the same position for they all come from the Blosco.

Their misunderstanding continues until they become full grown and this almost weakens the kingdom. Their men do not know what to do because they differ in their instruction and management.

One day, King Mancho from the west, whose only purpose in life is to widen his empire, comes together with his men to grab the kingdom from them. They are about to be defeated because their soldiers are divided. Good enough the second prince, Zoren, realizes that pride and greed do not help. He soon forgets his hatred to his brothers and calls them to a secret room in the palace to discuss about something they can do to save their kingdom. Zoren is actually exposed to battles because he has the wit and can easily find tactics, the very reason why he is made the king’s right hand and his being in that position is one of the reasons why his brothers get jealous. Zoren is one of a kind. He fights in a very different way. He does not want blood to shed during battles. He uses techniques that soften the hearts of his enemies.

Afraid of the group that comes to conquer them, Nard and Curvo go to the room where Zoren is waiting. Zoren gives his instruction and the two follows without hesitation. They bring their men to a safe area and allow the invaders to spend all their weapons until they run out of these and become

exhausted. When the Bloscos notice the enemies’ failure, Zoren speaks from the topmost part of the palace, saying, “We are born with nothing except our lives. When we come into this world, we are even unclothed, meaning the only important possession we have is life. Why should we waste our life for a non- important reason? Making our territories vast or wide does not speak about success. Remember that this life will perish and by the time we come to that part, we can’t bring what we own here to the place where we will be finally destined. Brothers, why shouldn’t we live in peace and harmony and help one another to raise a better race of men? We all come from the same source, and the author of life is in pain whenever He sees us in chaos. He himself is the living example of humility and simplicity. Remember, He was born in the manager without anything to cover His body on that very cold night. Have we heard any word from Him blaming His parents about the kind of birth he had? Why don’t we live in the same way? Let’s join our forces and donate our resources to help our kingdoms and the kingdoms in the east and the north. “

With his words, the enemies become speechless. Abashed of their actions, they all kneel to show that they agree. From that day on, the four kingdoms stand as one. It stands strong and productive because of its people’s unity.

_____43. Which name does not belong to the group?

                 A. Zoren                          C. Mancho

                 B. Nard                            D. Curvo

_____44. What kingdoms are in conflict?

                 A. east & west                 C. south & west

                 B. north & south              D. south & east

_____45. Which of the following is not in Zoren’s personality?

                 A. humility                      C. arrogance

                 B. simplicity                    D. friendliness

_____46. Which of the following can cause defeat?

                 A. unity                            C. misunderstanding

                 B. cooperation                  D. humility

_____47. If Zoren is not witty, will the kingdom in the south be saved?

                 A. Yes                              C. maybe

                 B. perhaps                        D. no

_____48. Which do you think will never cause chaos?

                 A. humility                      C. greed

                 B. envy                            D. pride

_____49. If we want a happy and productive life, we need to

                 A. live in harmony with others

                 B. acquires more wealth

                 C. use power/position

                 D. use force

_____50. What does Prince Zoren use to soften the hearts of the enemies?

                 A. his physical force

                 B. his position and power as leader

                 C. his being the son of the Blosco

                 D. his wit and heart

_____51. When we communicate we use different processes or modes.

                 A. true            B. false       C. Maybe    

_____52. Multimodal texts don’t combine two or more modes such as written language, spoken language, visual (still and moving image), audio, gestural, and spatial meaning

                 A. true            B. false      C. Maybe

_____53. Multimodal text maybe live, paper/print, physical or digital.

                 A. true            B. false      C. Maybe

_____54. It is an example of a multimodal text that refers to an advertisement to be posted on a pole, wall etc. to advertise something.

                 A. poster                            C. brochure 

                 B. picture book                  D. blog

_____55. What multimodal text refers to a series or sequence of drawings or diagrams which illustrate a sequence of events or scenes, e.g. in an accident or as a flowsheet for computer programming?

                 A. graphic novels               C. poster

                 B. picture book                   D. storyboard

_____56. Which of the following is NOT an example of a live multimodal text?

                 A. dance                             C. e-poster

                 B. performance                  D. storytelling

_____57. What is a major characteristic of an impromptu speech?

                 A. It requires a lot of research.

                 B. It is rehearsed over several days.

                 C. It takes many hours to write.

                 D. It is unplanned.

_____58. An impromptu speech involves everything EXCEPT:

                 A. In-depth research

                 B. Off the cuff delivery style

                 C. Little time for preparation

                 D. Speaking about a familiar topic

_____59. What should the introduction of an impromptu speech include?

                 A. Main idea                      C. Support

                 B. Example                        D. Conclusion

_____60. In which type of situation would it be appropriate to give an impromptu speech?

                 A. Speaking at a board meeting about changes in corporate policy

                 B. Speaking at the United Nations about the threat of nuclear war

                 C. Speaking at school board meeting about educational policies

                 D. Speaking at an awards ceremony after just winning an award


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