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Automated MPS, Mean and Item Analysis Template Download

Mean Percentage Score (MPS)

Mean Percentage Score (MPS), often known as the percentage of properly answered items on a test, represents the proportion of correctly answered items to all test questions. You can now download the Mean Percentage Score in this free automated excel format with Mean and Standard Deviation (SD). This will make it quicker and simpler for teachers to calculate their students’ MPS following each quarterly exam.

Item analysis 

Item analysis is a process which examines learner responses to individual test items in order to assess the quality of each test item and of the test as a whole. This is to improve test items and to enhance the teacher’s skills in test construction, and to identify specific areas which need improvement.

An effective item analysis starts from a carefully written test based on the table of specifications (TOS). The competencies covered for the grading period are included and organized according to the domains of learning. The teacher makes sure that the test construction aligns with the TOS. 

By analyzing tests results, we can evaluate learner achievement in several areas. Specific weaknesses of an individual learner or a class can also be determined using this app roach. The results of item analysis may inform us of the necessary interventions (e.g. enrichment, activities, reteaching, remediation) that we can provide to the learners.

Aside from analyzing test results, the following tips may be useful:

1. Monitor and evaluate learners’ progress and achievement based on their formative and summative assessments (written work or performance task) and determine if they meet the learning goals each week.

2. Include descriptive notes of the learners’ performance after weekly measurement.

3. Track and evaluate learners’ progress and achievement using graphs or charts to see if they attain the learning goals. Write a succinct interpretation of these graphs.

Automated MPS, Mean and Item Analysis 

Automated MPS, Mean and Item Analysis are used to analyze student responses to individual exam questions with the intention of evaluating exam quality. It is an important tool to uphold test effectiveness and fairness.

Here are the sample templates for Automated Item Analysis, you can use this to analyzing learners' responses to individual exam questions:

Automated MPS, Mean and Item Analysis Template Download

Automated MPS, Mean and Item Analysis Template | VIEW | DOWNLOAD

Reference: PPST Resource Package Module 11

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