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Youth groups request for an EO for the return of the Mandatory ROTC and PMT/CAT before the start of classes

 Youth groups request for an EO for the return of the Mandatory ROTC and PMT/CAT

Under Secretary Ronal Gian Carlo wrote a request for an Executive Order (EO) for the return of the MANDATORY ROTC in all colleges and universities, Mandatory PMT/CAT (Preparatory Military Training or Citizens Army Training) in ALL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLS, and for the implementation of a Mandatory Scouting (BOY SCOUTS & GIRL SCOUTS) program in all elementary schools.

He said that during the time of the late father of President Marcos, the youth programs were a priority. It created a sense of nationalism, discipline, and preparedness among the generations of young Filipinos, that can easily be tapped by the government to help the county in times of need. 

After your father, the said programs slowly went into limbo. For 20 years since 2002, Congress failed to pass the many bills for its return. With you sir, we see hope thru an Executive Order now, BEFORE THE START OF CLASSES.

Not all students in the tertiary level have the guts and courage to take the ROTC as their chosen NSTP or to enter a Military Service, but why do you think these students outside the military profession did not take this path of being a future reservist, a defender of the republic and a keeper of harmony among the Filipinos? First, they say that in ROTC they will stand up under the heat of the sun for a long time, yes they will stand under the heat of the sun, but that is part of their training however, they will not stand up that long that will be too hazardous for their wellbeing.

They say that Hazing is rampant and were being conducted to cadets in ROTC, but Hazing is clearly not tolerable in the organization, how will a Cadet, a youth will empower peace and progress if they will be exposed to unlawful violence such as hazing? Third, ROTC is full of burden and hardships. These people consider Physical Training as burden and hardships; these are only part and parcel of their training as Cadets and to be a future defender of the state.

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