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Enrollment doesn't need to be done in person - DEPED

Enrollment doesn't need to be done in person

Director Roger B. Masapol, Director IV of Department of Education (DepEd) Central Office Planning Service-Office of the Director (PS-OD), clarified that enrollment for School Year (SY) 2022-2023 doesn't need to be done in person.

"Hindi din kailangang in-person ang pag enroll kung hindi kaya," said Masapol in his Facebook post.

(Enrollment doesn't need to be done in person if you can't do it.)

'May mechanism for remote enrollment, basahin ang DO 35, s. 2022," said Masapol.

(There is a mechanism for remote enrollment, read DO 35, s. 2022.)

Masapol also reiterated that a certificate of good moral character is not a requirement for enrollment.

"Hindi po requirement ang Certificate of Good Moral Character. Lahat ay welcome sa school. May character formation ang mga schools,' said Masapol.

(Certificate of Good Moral Character is not a requirement. Everyone is welcome to the school. Schools have character formation.)

"Everyone is welcome to the school. Schools have character formation," said Masapol.

Here are the Specific Instructions to Parents/Legal Guardians and Enrollees regarding the different mechanisms for enrollment as stipulated in DepEd Order 035, s2022:

For in-person enrollment

The parents or legal guardians of Kindergarten, Grade 7, and Grade 11 learners shall communicate/ reaffirm their intent to enroll their children to a school of their choice via physical enrollment and submission of the Enhanced BEEF. Learners may also enroll, provided their Enhanced BEEF is signed by their parent or legal guardian.

Grades 1 to 6, 8 to 10, and Grade 12 learners who have existing accounts in the LIS (i.e., have Learner Reference Numbers [LRNS]) will still need to update their information by filling out the Enhanced BEEF. It is the responsibility of the concerned school personnel to ensure that the updated information is reflected in the LIS.

For remote enrollment (email or any available messaging platform by the school)

Schools shall make the Enhanced BEEF available both in digital and print format. The digital format of the Enhanced BEEF shall be made accessible/downloadable from the websites of the Central Office, Regional Offices (ROS), Schools Division Offices (SDOS), and Schools. It shall also be made available on the LIS Support page. Filled-up digital copy of the BEEF shall be submitted through the official email address of the school, which shall be made available by the school authorities or through available messaging platforms by the school.

For enrollment using dropboxes

Alternatively, schools may establish a dropbox in front of the school, in every Barangay Hall, or in any other visible location where parents and legal guardians can get the printed copy of the BEEF and submit the filled-up Form in the same dropbox.

ROS and SDOS shall maintain or activate hotlines established during the last year's enrollment period. They can also set up other communication lines dedicated to Oplan Balik Eskwela, which will help in disseminating information and responding to queries regarding enrollment procedures.

Director Masapol also reiterated the requirements for enrollment.

What are the requirements for enrollment?

  • Report Card (School Form 9 or SF9)
  •  Birth Certificate for incoming Kinder and Grade 1, transferees and PEPT and A&E passers. It doesn't have to be original; a photocopy will do. If not available, show another document like a baptismal and barangay certificate that will prove the identity and birthday of the learner. If these documents are still unavailable, need an affidavit of undertaking that is available in DO 3, s. 2018 and given three months to provide.

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