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Update on the release of mid-year bonus for teachers in 2022

  Most DepEd teachers look forward to the mid-year bonus. Many teachers are looking forward to receiving it because it will allow them to pay off their loans, their children’s college expenses, and, most importantly, a small reduction in their bonus as a reward for their hard work, such as hair rebonding, shoe shopping, and spending time with their families.

Update on the release of  mid-year bonus for teachers in 2022

A mid-year bonus will be issued no earlier than May 15. Because Sunday, May 15, 2022, is a weekend, the mid-year bonus will not be paid on that day. On Monday, May 16, 2022, the mid-year bonus will be credited. In other institutions, notably independent schools, the mid-year bonus will be determined by how quickly the bookkeeper and disburser process the necessary documents.

The Division office handled the payments for the non-IUs. Teachers’ direct payments for their mid-year bonuses are often received ahead of their IUs. Teachers at IUs schools are hoping for good health for their bookkeeper and disburser so that they can process on time. Also, the mid-year bonus will not be delayed too much. Hopefully, the teachers’ bonus will be doubled as incomes rise, as the new President BBM offered all teachers a raise from Salary Grade 11 (between P25, 439 and P27, 514) to Salary Grade 15 (between P35, 097 and P37, 485).

Therefore, teachers should support the incoming President in leading the country so that, if he succeeds, teachers’ benefits and salaries in DepEd will be boosted as well. For the incoming President to focus on how to handle the Philippines’ various challenges, he needs the people’s trust. When he fails to handle the country, the teachers suffer as well.

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