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RPMS-PPST for SY 2021-2022 Supplementary Tools and Videos

RPMS-PPST for SY 2021-2022 Supplementary Tools and Videos- DEPED TRENDS

 Download the RPMS-PPST for SY 2021-2022 Supplementary Tools and National Orientation Presentations and Videos in our official Google Drive Link:

RPMS Tool for Regular Teachers - DOWNLOAD

RPMS Tool for Full-Time Teacher Broadcasters - DOWNLOAD

Classroom Observation Tool - DOWNLOAD

National Orientation Infographics - DOWNLOAD

National Orientation Slides - DOWNLOAD

National Orientation Video Recordings - DOWNLOAD

Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) - DOWNLOAD

Teacher Reflection Form (TRF) - DOWNLOAD

FAQs on the Alternative Classroom Observations for RPMS SY 2021-2022 - DOWNLOAD

RPMS-PPST for SY 2021-2022 Enhanced Frequently Asked Questions

All questions, clarifications, and/or feedback regarding RPMS 2021-2022 were consolidated and addressed by the Bureau of Human Resource and Organizational Development - Human Resource Development Division (BHROD-HRDD). 

Read the responses to the consolidated feedback.

Are we allowed to create video lessons even though we are not teacher broadcasters?
Yes, regular teachers may create video/audio lessons even though they are not Teacher Broadcasters. You may refer to the MOVs in the RPMS-PPST Tool to identify which indicators allow for videos/audio lessons.

How many classroom observations are required in a School Year?
This SY will have two (2) Classroom Observation throughout the year.

Option 3 allows for a demonstration teaching during the conduct of LAC. Clarification, is the demonstration teaching need to be aligned with the topic discussed in the LAC or it not necessarily?
What is being observed during the conduct of classroom observation, regardless of the mode of observation and topic of the LAC session, is the demonstration of the Classroom Observable Indicators (COI).

How are we going to observe teachers without face to face?
"Similar to SY 2020-2021, this SY provides for Alternative Classroom Observations that can allow for:
1. Synchronous CO (online observation)
2. Asynchronous CO (observation through video/audio lesson)
3. LAC session (demonstration teaching)"

If the school implements blended learning, online classes and f2f class, should a teacher be observed in 2 different areas online and f2f?
No, only select one (1) classroom observation for the entire SY. Select the CO that is more applicable to the context of the teacher.

If the teacher is doing purely modular, what are the means of verifications which she can present?
The MOVs of the RPMS-PPST are generic enough to be applied to all types of Learning Delivery Modality (LDM)

Para po sa classroom observation ang aking tanong/clarifications. Mayroon po tayong indicators sa classroom observation na dapat makita sa teaching and learning process kung anong modality mayroon ang paaralan. Ang aming school po ay printed module ang modality na ginagamit, ang nakalagay po ay demonstration teaching via LAC. Ang magiging set-up po ba nito ay ako ang guro at ang mga kapwa ko guro ang magsisilbing mag-aaral sa aking demonstration teaching tulad ng ginawa po natin dati? Ano po ang suggested plan na dapat naming gamitin yung lesson plan po tlga na gingamit natin o maaari pong gamitin ang WHLP? Sana po ay mabigyanv linaw po kami sa parteng ito ng classroom observation sa lahat ng indicators po. Maraming salamat po...
"Tama po, pag dating sa Option 3 o Classroom Observation through LAC Session, ang inyong mga kapwa guro ang magsisilbing mag-aaral habang kayo ay nag-dedemonstration teaching.

Sa LAC Session, maaaring niyong gamitin ang inyong lesson plan dahil ang importante na maobserbahan sa LAC session ay ang demonstrasyon ng mga Classroom Observation Indicators o COI"

Sir, in doing LAC session demonstration do the teachers aka students need to have a response. Could they participate in the given activity as students? Thank you
Yes, teachers acting as students may respond or engage with the Ratee (Teacher being observed) during the LAC session/Classroom Observation

Nabanggit po sa video na malaya pumili ang ratee ng MOV n ipoprovide sa obj 7 to 10. Ang tanong ko po, kami po ay under the printed modular platform and we agreed to conduct CO via LAC. how can we address concerns regarding gifted children if we have no gifted teachers as a student? How can we meet the needs of indigenous if no teachers are indigenous.? It means po ba na we have to set up our teachers to act like one? please enlighten us

If the teacher has no gifted learners (Obj 9) or learners belonging to indigenous groups (Obj 10), they shall accomplish the Teacher Reflection Form (TRF) as provided in the RPMS-PPST Tools

"How do the Means of verification justifies each indicator in the Rpms. Can we use same MOV in different indicators?"
Each MOV is tailored to fit to a specific PPST indicator. Only prepare/present MOVs that are being asked for each PPST indicator

How to provide MOVs if there is no identified IPs, learners with a disability, and gifted learners?
If the teacher has no gifted learners (Obj 9) or learners belonging to indigenous groups (Obj 10), they shall accomplish the Teacher Reflection Form (TRF) as provided in the RPMS-PPST Tools

What will happen if we cannot comply with all?
If the teacher is unable to comply with any of the RPMS-PPST requirements, that will result in a rating of 1 (Poor). This means the teacher will be marked with having a poor performance for this SY and they will not be eligible for any performance-based incentive and shall not be qualified for any promotion.

Paano po magkaroon ng certificate sa seminar po na to?
The Central Office shall notk release any certificate in relation to the release of the National Orientation Videos on the RPMS-PPST sy 2021-2022
"Ang TRF for obj. 9&10 po ba ay kailangang maiprovide ni teacher bago ang schedule ng observation nya?

Pupwede bang si teacher ang magrate ng TRF nya or kailangan si rater talaga? Maraming Salamat po"
The Rater of the TRF shall be rated by the Rater and cannot be rated by the Ratee. As to the schedule of the observation, this shall be internal within the school.

Does the MOVs of every PPST indicator need to be perfect?
The MOVs do not need to be "perfect" per se. The teacher should be focused on the demonstration of the PPST indicators and should be supported by the appropriate MOVs required for each indicator.

I am an ALS Teachers, what appropriate MOVs can we use that are acceptable in our field and fit RPMS?
The MOVs of the RPMS-PPST are generic enough to be applied to different kinds of teachers such as our ALS teachers. You may refer to the RPMS-PPST Tool for the PPST indicators and their specific MOVs.

Can MOV(s) be limited to only one?
Each PPST indicator requires a different set of MOV. Unless otherwise specified in the RPMS-PPST tool, the Ratee shall only prepare one (MOV) for each indicator.

For objectives 9 and 10, uniform po ba yung TRF template? Yung naka lagay na template na po ba ang gagamitin or will there be varied templates for teacher reflection form for these objectives?
The TRF template provided as an attachment to DM 4, s. 2022 shall be the standard template to be used by the field

For objectives Numbers 9 and 10 po, if certification is duly signed by our school head stating that there are no Indigenous Group and learners with disabilities, giftedness and talents, what rating will be received by the ratees from their raters po? Thank you po
If there are no "learners with disabilities, giftedness, or talents" (Obj. 9) and/or "learners belionging to indigenous groups" (Obj 10), the teacher will then need to accomplish theTeacher Reflection Form (TRF) partnered with the certification from the School Head. The performance rating of the teacher for Obj. 9 and 10 shall depend on the grading of the Rater in their TRF.

What if po I have an IP student, pero during COT online hindi xa nakattend.. how will the rater rate the teacher?
If in case the learner was not able to attend during the online classroom observation (CO), you may negotiate with your Rater a rescheduled date for the CO or adopt asynchronous or LAC session (demonstration teaching) mode for the conduct of CO.

If the teacher can't provide movs, specifically COT because she /he on leave either maternity leave or sick leave then the principal should rate the teacher, does she/he can still pass the movs provided?
Depending on the schedule of the approved leave, the teacher should be able to provide the required MOVs before the end of the SY. To accurately address this particular case, you may email the

Dapat po bang i-provide lahat ng MOVs na nakalagay sa bawat objective?
No. Only submit the required MOV per indicator/the MOV that will result in the highest rating that you can receive

"Good day sir! I have question po regarding sa plus factor,
I am soliciting in kind donations for my kindergarten from private individuals, accepted po ba yun sa MOV for plus factor po?"

"In kind donations may result to a Plus Factor provided that you are able to specify/provide documentaion as stated in the RPMS-PPST Tool on the purpose for soliciting the said in kind donation.
Furthermore, you may refer to DO 24 s. 2016 for the Guidelines on Accepting Donations"

MOV's not suit in modular learning.
The MOVs in this year's RPMS-PPST is suitable for all types of Learning Delivery Modalities, such as pure modular learning. Rest assured all scenarios were considered in the development and finalization of the tools

Indicators/objectives that have set A and set B MOVs apply to all? or only for teacher broadcasters?
Indicators/objectives that have SET A or SET B MOVs apply to regular teachers and Full-time Teacher Broadcasters.

For those indicators with Set A and Set B, if we choose set A, how many MOV are needed to obtain an Outstanding rate?
You only need to submit one (1) MOV for the supplementary materials. If the MOV requires COT, then you are required to submit two (2) COT)

Is it ok to have a video lesson in COT?
Yes, provided that your modality is the asynchronous mode

Can we use last year's certificate as MOV?
No. The MOVs to be presented should be applicable/dated within SY 2021-2022. MOVs that are outdated may not be accepted for this SY's MOVs

Ano ano ang maitutulong ng RPMS_PPST sa buhay ng mga mag_aaral ,ng mga guro at sa lipunan lalo na sa panahon ng pandemya na alam naman natin na halos ay naapektuhan na sa iba't ibang aspeto sa buhay?
"Ang paggamit ng PPST sa RPMS ng mga guro ang magsisilbing batayan at sukatan ng kalidad ng pagtuturo at pagkatuto sa ating mga paaralan, pisikal man, birtwal, o modular. Ang RPMS-PPST ay nakadisenyo sa paraan na magiging posible para sa guro na matagumpay na maipakita ang kanilang kakayanan sa pagtuturo gamit ang performance tools na nakapaloob sa atin polisiya. Ito din ang magiging batayan ng raters para i-assess ang kanilang performance.

Ang pagkakaroon ng malinaw na batayan ng on-the-job performance ang magiging daan para mas maging epektibo ang pagbibigay ng gabay at mga naaangkop na programa para mas mapabuti ang kalidad ng pagtuturo sa ating mga paaralan."

Is the Master Teacher in the Elementary Department can rate JHS Department IPCRF or even COT? Our station is Integrated School with one Master Teacher in Elementary and none in the JHS, but we have our School Principal.
Yes, the MT of the school may serve as the Rater of the JHS Department, provided that this has been discussed with and agreed with the School Head.

What is the weight per objective or kra in the rpms 2021-2022?
"Obj. 1 to 18 = 5% per objective (total of 90%)
Obj. 19 (Plus Factor) = 10%"

Ano po ibig Sabihin ng career stage?
 Within the same career stage?
 Across different career stage?"
"Career Stage is the progression of a teachers' professional development. The following are the career stages of a DepEd Teacher: Beginning, Proficient, Highly Proficient, and Distinguished
 The term ""within a career stage"" means that a teacher is perfoming in a single career stage. For example, Teacher A is exhibiting Proficient levels of practice
 The terms ""across career stages"" means that there is a jump from one career stage to another. For example, Teacher A got promoted from T3 to MT1. Teacher A therefore moved across career stages (from proficient to highly proficient teacher)"

Clarification only. It is said that a teachers' rating will not be higher than her/his administrator as well as the administrators' rating to her/his superior. Is this true? Thank you
False. A teacher's performance rating may be higher than their supervisor/administrator. In our guidelines, what is stated is that the collective average of the teaching staff must be higher than the OPCRF of the School Head?

Ask ko lang po paano po pagkaka in pa lang sa institution? And then I don't have much MOVs to attached on my accomplishment.. Is there any other way para po maka kuha ako ng very satisfactory rate?
For newly hired teachers, the required minimum rating period is at least 90 days. If a teacher for the current SY has met the minimum 90 days in service, they must prepare and submit an IPCRF. You may start gathering/preparing your MOVs by the end of the SY/before your year-end review.

If I have chosen TRF as my MOV, do I need to answer Prompts #1 and #2? Or I can choose just one of the two Prompts?
In accomplishing the TRF, all prompts must be answered to receive an appropriate rating.

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