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PRC Sample Answer Sheet for Licensure Examination for Teachers

 There are lots of things that you need to consider before taking the Licensure Examination for Teachers. Aside from practicing drill tests and answering LET Reviewer Questions, you must also try to practice the proper way of shading the Examination Answer Sheet. 

Where can you find those LET sample answer sheets for your practice? 

Worry no more! Because you can download it here FOR FREE. Available in pdf format! Get your copy from the link below!

Good News! The PRC Sample Answer Sheet for LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers) has now a NEW clearer and printable version.  This Latest LET Answer Sheet is Free, Downloadable, and Printable. Brought to you by Feel free to download the file from the link below:

Here are the screenshots:



NOTE: Google Drive's preview is not as accurate as the original file so, I'm suggesting you to  download the file and see the difference.

Download Link:
File Size: 10.6 mb
Required Paper Size: 8.5 x 13 (long)

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