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LET Top Notcher's Notes General Education Part 1


Cases of robberies have tremendously decreased because of SOPHISTICATED security schemes installed in almost all banks in the country. Sophisticated means high-tech. 

The theme of the quote, “Have a good bank account, a good cook and a good digestion” is security. 

The examination will take place a quarter after five. Nora should be in the venue at 5:15 PM. 

Blissful is synonymous to ecstatic. 

She described her classmate’s statement as too SOPHOMORIC. This means immature. 

n English verse, a poetic foot having one stressed syllable followed by one unstressed syllable is trochaic.

/p/ sound is voiceless. 

In The Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dante was wrongfully imprisoned in The Devil’s Island. 

The line from the Koran, “Woe to every backbiter,” talks of misery for those who talks ill of others. 

The area and perimeter of a square are numerically equal if the side length is 4. 

The hardware is the physical components of the computer. 

Uploading refers to the process of sending a file from the computer to another computer in a network. 

When coal is burned, stored energy is being released in the form of thermal energy. 

In the process in manufacturing food, plants store the energy from the sun. 

Hydrogen is much lighter than air. 

An object floating in water displaces less than its own volume. 

The Earth travels around the Sun once each year. The Earth spins on its axis once each day

The secretion given off by the liver which helps in the digestion of fats is the bile

Taxonomy is the branch of Biology concerned with the classification of organisms. They are arranged in the following hierarchy: kingdom-phylum-class-order-family-genus-species. Members of the same species have the most in common with one another. 

A plant growing on a shady side of a tall fence bends around the corner of the fence towards the sunlight. This illustrates positive phototropism. 

The vacuole is the part of the plant cell that stores water, sugar and minerals. 

Sound waves travel the slowest in gases

Plants need carbon dioxide, water, light and chlorophyll in order to make starch by photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide enters plants through holes in the leaves called stomata

Sugar and starches are carbohydrates

Monera is considered as the most primitive kingdom. 

Not all microorganisms are harmful. Yeasts promote the rising of bread for baking

Heterotrophs are organisms that cannot manufacture their own food. 

The use of auxins may stimulate the growth of the roots in plant cuttings. 

Chloroplasts play an active role in the chemical processes required by plant cells to make food. On the other hand, animal cells no chloroplasts, animals must obtain food from outside sources. 

A group of student researchers believe that high blood pressure is due to too much salt in the diet. This is best classified as a hypothesis

The weight of an atom comes mostly from its protons.  

Positive geotropism is exhibited by the roots of plants. 

The ozone layer is the region of the atmosphere which absorbs harmful ultraviolet radiation. 

Amphibians are the animals which live on land but return to the water to breed. 

Dolphins and whales are mammals that live in the sea. They feed their young on milk with mammary glands is the characteristic possessed only by mammals. 

The liquid portion of the blood is the plasma

The building blocks from which all matter is composed are known as atoms

Xylem is a vascular tissue that conducts water and minerals; phloem is a vascular tissue that conducts food. 

Eutrophication is an environmental condition that has been blamed for the usual occurrence of fish kills. 

A chemical change is any change that results in the production of one or more substances that differ in chemical properties and composition from the original substances. 

Phenotype may be defined as visible expression of genotype.  

Cell walls present in plant cells are made up of cellulose

Our diet must include three types of food: energy foods, body-building foods and maintenance foods. The energy foods are carbohydrates and fats. 

Aspirin has been known to retard the blood-clotting process allowing us to use aspirin to reduce the possibility of stroke. 

Elements are classified according to the number of protons in its nucleus. 

The lizard is an organism which is cold blooded with a dry scaly skin. 

Decomposers are organisms responsible for the return of substances in the bodies of the dead plants and animals to the soil. 

Testosterone promotes the development of secondary male sexual characteristics. 

Hemoglobin is the iron-containing compound which give the red corpuscles its color. 

Night blindness in children and adults is attributed to the deficiency in Vitamin A in the diet. 

Boyle’s law states that at constant temperature, the volume of a gas in inversely proportional to the pressure. 

The red light has the least frequency but the longest wavelength. 

Technology is the application of scientific concepts and principles. 

The ecosystem is the interaction of a colony of ant to the nonliving and living things in its habitat. 

Solid, of the state of matter, has the strongest intermolecular force of attraction. 

A seismograph can detect the magnitude of an earthquake. 

The speed increases as sound waves travel from a less dense medium to a denser medium. 

The Bill of Rights guaranteed that no private property shall be taken for public use without just compensation. 

Sikatuna was the chieftain of Bohol with whom Miguel Lopez de Legaspi had blood compact with in 1565. 

Political party is not an element of a state. 

In connection with government transaction involving public interest, the full disclosure policy is adopted by the Constitution to ensure the public accountability and transparency. 

A young girl left her baby at the household of a monastery. The child grew up without knowing her mother and father. The right of self-assertion is deprived of the child. 

Bahasa Malaysia is the Asian language nearest to Filipino. 

The Filipino trait of “pakikisama” is said to be ambivalent because it can be used for or against the person who values it. 

John F. Kennedy was the American president who said, “Ask not what America will do for you, but what together can we do for the freedom of man.”

Capitalism is an economic system based on free enterprise. 

Productivity is the principle of taxation that the Philippine lack if it fails to raise the needed revenue and therefore borrows from other countries to cover its expenses. 

Loss of qualified teachers going abroad is a type of Brain drain. 

Timawa refers to the class of Filipinos who were free and independent. 

The saying “Every right has a corresponding duty” means that rights and duties are reciprocal. 

The credit cooperative promotes thrift among members and generates funds in order to lend to its members. 

“My loyalty to my party ends where my loyalty to my country begins.” This statement came from Manuel Quezon. 

The government tax people’s labor through an income tax. 

“Ako ay isang ibon na nakakaigayang pakinggan.” Ito ay isang pagwawangis. 

Cebu: Sinulog, Kalibo: Ati-atihan, Iloilo: Dinagyang 

Ang tamang sulat ng 1/3 ay isang katlo. 

Kundiman ang tawag sa awit ng pag-ibig. 

“Daig ng maagap ang masipag.” Ito ay isang uri ng salawikain. 

Ang gintong panahon ng mga manunulat noong panahon ng Amerikano ay batid sa uring maikling kwento. 

Ayon kay Balagtas, “ang laki sa layaw, karaniwa’y hubad” kaya ang mga bata ay hindi sumusunod sa magulang. 

Ang epiko ay ang tulang pasalaysay na naglalahad ng buhay at kabayanihan ng isang tao sa isang partikular na lugar. 

Ang pangungusap na Umaaraw na ay isang pangungusap na penomenal. 

Ang paggamit ng globo ay nabibilang sa kagamitang biswal. 

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