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DBM approves increase in DepEd Fund | Budget Call for FY 2023

 The Department of Budget and Management(DBM) OKs in the proposed increase in the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Government Assistance and Subsidies (GAS) programs under its Tier 1 budget.

DepEd said this would now allow it to fulfill its mandate to expand access to quality education.

DBM approves increase in DepEd Fund | Budget Call for FY 2023

The total DepEd Tier 1 Level budget approved by the DBM is P626.18 billion, as contained in National Budget Memorandum No. 142 — “Budget Call for FY 2023.”

Out of that amount, the Senior High School Voucher Program of the DepEd will get P39.33 billion.

“Meanwhile, ESC (Educational Service Contracting) got an approved Php 11.05 billion budget which covers 1,031,193 ESC grantees for SY 2023-2024,”  the DepEd added.

DepEd said this would also allow it to make full payments to concerned private schools within one budget year.

“DepEd expresses its gratitude to the DBM and the national government for their unwavering support of the voucher programs under GAS. The Department affirms its commitment in continuously implementing its voucher program efficiently and effectively,” it said.

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