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JUST IN | Homeroom Guidance, not included in SF9 and SF10


Many have been confused by this notion. But it has been settled after the Undersecretary for curriculum and instruction has released an advisory stating that YES, HOMEROOM GUIDANCE will not be included or written in SF 9 and SF 10, however HG Learners Development Assessment Form shall be an attachment to said forms.

Read the full text of the advisory below:

In reference to the inclusion of Homeroom Guidance in the SF 9 (Report Card) and SF 10 (From 137) as stated in the DIM-OUCI-2021-346 or the Revised Implementation of Homeroom Guidance (HG) during crisis situation for S.Y. 2021-2022, Please be advised that homeroom guidance letter grade shall be no longer reflected in the said documents but the Learner's Development assessment Form shall be an attachement to the SF-9 and SF-10. Please be guided accordingly.

Diosdado M. San Antonio


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